Residential/House Cleaning Services Business Overview

Residential Cleaning Services can be started as a single enterprise as well as under the banner of cleaning services that offer commercial and other type of cleaning services. This article will, however, solely focus on residential cleaning services.


Residential cleaning service business has an exponential market in almost every city of the world. This may include but is not limited to:

  • Working moms who are too busy to keep their houses clean.
  • New or to-be moms who have this additional responsibility and it is difficult but important for them to keep their house clean and hygienic.
  • People who have an aversion to dirt and cleaning it themselves.
  • Many people have dirt allergies and similar conditions and need the house clean but cannot do it on their own.

Identifying your target market will not just give you an idea of the demand house cleaning business offers, but will also guide you to advertise your business in the targeted communities.

Required Skills:

To start a cleaning business you definitely do not need any academic qualifications but must have a few skills if you’re going to pursue it as one-man show. If you’re going to have more people on board, they must have:

  • Expertise in cleaning kitchens, dust, washrooms etc.
  • Working knowledge of cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners etc.
  • Enough energy and stamina as this work involves strenuous physical activity like moving couches, chairs and other furniture if needed.
  • Expert understanding of safety procedures while working on slippery floors, water and gas leakage and or in case of other accidental situations.
  • Oral communication skills to communicate with the team as well as the client.

 Pricing Your House Cleaning Business:

Price will vary depending on the country and city you’re operating from. Take a quick review of what your competitors are offering.

Pricing for Smaller Residential Units; Although you can charge the clients in any manner but the most successful pricing for studio and one bed apartments is per hour.  This is feasible for clients in almost all localities.

Pricing for Bigger Houses; Big houses normally have a bigger number of occupants so they need cleaning services more often. Charging them per hour might not be a suitable idea, so you can think of per room, per week or per month!

Do you Want to Start House Cleaning Business of Your Own?

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