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SEO is an essential for almost every business that is trying to build an online presence. It’s not just cost effective option to drive targeted traffic to your website in long term, but also helps you in powerful online branding.

However, the landscape of SEO is quite challenging, especially the SEO reporting. It’s not just about merging SEO data sources into one Excel file and adding a logo to try to make it look professional, presentable, and understandable to the board of directors and senior managers!

The actual SEO reporting is “actionable reporting” which requires you to collect and present all the data points and metrics to indicate real progress and action points. Well, this kind of reporting is quite a laborious task and requires hours of hard work to extract SEO data, do calculations and then make a presentation. removes the clutter by offering actionable SEO metrics, right in your inbox, every week. The smart tool does the weekly analysis and sends you important SEO metrics and specific suggestions on what you can do to get more organic search traffic.

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So, if you are a startup or small business on tight budget, and looking to improve your organic search traffic, you may start it with Here’s an excerpt of a sample SEO report that you receive in your inbox!

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Forget about hiring a data entry operator to do laborious tasks without any actionable analytics. Get moving faster with

And yes, you don’t need to learn how to use some complicated SEO software, simply open the email and start working.

seoreport io logo in Their Own Words:

Every week we will analyze the past search traffic to the users webpage and generate a SEO report. This report contains all important SEO metrics and specific suggestions on what the user can do to get more organic search traffic.

No need to learn how to use some complicated SEO software – just open the email we send you and start working.


What Brings to the Spotlight:

It’s cost effective, time saving and more productive! Website:

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