Some Creative Ways to Introduce Diversity at Workplace

Some organizations don’t see past the numbers, Equal Opportunity stats, to effectively integrate diversity with their business strategy. Diversity is a natural occurrence in an organization so it can’t be separated from the business strategy without affecting business execution. Diversity integration is easier to see if viewed with eyes wide open.

CEOs and Business Owners must consider how diversity works inside and outside their organization.


Customer and client relationships is all about diversity, not focused entirely on race and ethnicity.

So organizations must create raving fans, fanatics, for their products and services. That is all about knowing and understanding cultures.

Take this on for example; quiz employees possessing the same or similar culture to your customers and clients. For a real twist ask customers and clients their desires, their cultural needs, and even their visions about your company’s products and services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about culture, that creates a serious connection between you and your raving fans!

Aligning accountability, discipline, and diversity goals is an incredible way to ensure diversity is fused into your entire organization. When properly used accountability is one of the most powerful ways to highlight and implement a diversity strategy. I have seen many examples of the failure of discipline and what that does to the cohesiveness in the workplace.

Here’s a great observation; leaders ensuring all employees are on time. When they don’t leaders sometimes fail to hold people accountable to the rules and leaders’ when actions fail the work environment fails. How do leaders fix this? Translate discipline into not only cultural terms but creating an organizational culture of accountability and discipline.

Numerous organizations have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are touted as diversity successes. ERGs are important and can make a difference in employees’ professional and personal lives. These groups are 98% race and ethnicity based with a goal to help those employees who belong to the group. ERGs are great but what about an Organization Resource Group (ORG). An ORG includes everyone and has a direct impact on a diversity strategy by creating an organization that totally supports each other. Each employee group is a member of the ORG and they provide data to the ORG and then they take information back to the

ERGs. The ORG will be useful in creating raving fans. Finally, an ORG influences high business execution definitely impacting every employee and the company’s raving fans. You know nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd so an ORG will rock!

Diversity is not the thing it is the thing that gets you to the thing. The thing is revenue. 

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