Spots: Social Housing for College Students

A vast majority loves traveling on budget, but it’s more crucial concern for students on tight budget. Many times when they have to travel outstation for projects, researches or participate in various competitions, budget plays a vital role in making the trip memorable.

Thus there is a need of a social platform whereby students can connect with other students when they are outstation. Such friends can be of extreme help while looking for accommodation and various other things.

This is what Spots has rightly spotted and developed a solution for the same. Spots is in beta stage yet, so all those who want to test the benefits must signup for the sneak peek!

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Spots is not just about finding accommodation and new friends, but it can be very beneficial for local students who can share living space with other outstation student at highly affordable prices.

A student can submit his living space with Spots and can earn some quick bucks; all you need to do is to locate your space on map and give it the best price!

So, no matter whether you are going out for a night or a week, Spots will ensure your travel and stay is safe and pleasant.

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Spots in Their Own Words:

Spots is a social application that enables college students to travel on a budget or simply make new friends in town! Using Spots, you can find other students who are offering their living space at an affordable price. You can also list your own “Spot” as an easy way to make some extra cash and meet new people. Just identify your location, name a competitive price, and wait for a request from a fellow student! The app allows fast booking times through an easy-to-navigate map interface, intuitive profile pages, and a swift and reliable payment method.


What Brings Spots to the Spotlight:

Easy to use interface, secured payment methods and intuitive profile pages making students’ travel affordable and fun!


Spots Website:

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