squadSet; A Team & Group Manager to Get Everything at Your Fingertips

Teams perform better only when they’re managed effectively. The effective team management requires error free attendance recording, better activity planning and tracking and most importantly, direct communication with each team member while keeping everything centralized.

There’re so many team management apps that can help in the above context, but switching between so many apps with fragmented information itself is a great barrier to increase team productivity and efficiency.

squadSet is a web app that does the job well by getting everything at one place. The app is developed with the understanding that team and group management is not accomplished by singular groups or individuals. Instead, it takes a collection of individuals among different roles to effectively communicate with one another to organize and create objectives.

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The app centralizes the information and makes activities creation and management simpler and more streamlined. Features that are specifically designed for facility administrators include announcements, facility map, manage features and ratings.

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Some more features are expected to make the app more engaging and productive for players and teams, i.e. they can manage roster, access media & document library, messaging, payments, private leagues schedules & attendance, tasks, team polls and ratings.

The app will also entertain club administrators with special features like announcements, public leagues and ratings.

Certainly, a must try for facility administrators, teams and club administrators!

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squadSet in Their Own Words:

squadSet is a free team and group manager. It is designed to bring athletes and/or groups together with facility and club administrators to streamline management.


What Brings squadSet to the Spotlight:

It’s has everything for teams and administrators to stay organized and it’s free.


squadSet Website: http://squadSet.com

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