StandDesk – Affordable, Automated Sit-to-Stand Desk

Majority of us tend to ignore our sitting and standing posture while working. As majority of the workforce is comprising of sitters, back ache and other back related problems are on the rise.

standdesk logoStandDesk offers you a convenient,affordable and comfortable standing options. It is a simple, automated sit to stand desk which will take care of your back and provide the due comfort.

The problems confined to sitting is not just back related but also weight gain, productivity loss and even diabetes. There are desired controls to choose from as per your convenience and the customization that it offers is class apart. The optical cable management tray helps to keep your space organized and provides you with maximum usage.


StandDesk in their own words: As the world is getting health conscious, StandDesk provides comfort while working. Our products not only provide you with comfort at workplace at economical prices but are also appealing in design.


Why StandDesk is in spotlight: It is made up of simple products like bamboo and steel and is available in various colors. Unlike other similar desks, there is no middle stabilizing bars in it, thereby providing more leg space.


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