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With the ever growing and ever improving technology, new smart devices are launched on daily bases. Since, these new devices are smaller, smarter and more efficient, it’s normal for us to have more than one. In fact we look for “smart” everything, whether it’s a phone, TV, AC or a sound system.

The biggest problem that comes with this increased used of smart devices is the organization, i.e. organizing things is not just time-consuming, but becomes a headache even.

To solve this problem, MYNT is there; a simple device that makes organizing personal items easy. It’s a one button remote that will perform three preset and customizable actions distinguished by single click, double click, and triple click and the smartphone app allows user customization for each type of click.

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What MYNT can perfectly do includes, out-of-range alarm (notify through a smartphone or onboard beep if MYNT is out of range), records the last location of MYNT, single click for taking picture, multi-device music control.

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The more functions that are coming include, control smart TV, smart air conditioner, game devices, smart home appliances and many other devices that may need a remote control.

All you need to do is to set the three types of actions through the app, MYNT will take care of the rest.

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MYNT in Their Own Words:

MYNT is a super functional control platform that connects to many things for easy organization. Thin and sleek, the ultimate smart companion.

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Sightech is a Silicon Valley startup and MYNT is our first smart hardware and wearable device. It is the World’s thinnest and most powerful smart tracker and finder (personal anti-lost device). By working together with the app (connected by low-power Bluetooth 4.0), MYNT can remind you not to forget important items, remote control your smartphone camera to take pictures (remote shutter), wirelessly control your smartphone to play music, and control PowerPoint or Keynote presentations on your Mac.


What Brings MYNT to the Spotlight:

Easy organization of valuable items, comfortable remote control of smart devices, easy finding items, never lose valuable items.


MYNT Website:

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