StockYourCrib Does it All to Get You the Full Credit

Even if you know that a girl needs some particular goodies when she comes over to the crib, it’s difficult for a guy to arrange all that stuff.

No dude literally wants to walk into the “Feminine Supply” section in a supermarket. It’s simply not their thing; so many products, hell lot of brands and various choices within the same brand.

It’s only a girl who knows what the other girl needs and which brands she will prefer.

Well, this problem has already been solved by StockYourCrib. With an amazing team of CribGirls who handpick the most needed items of the best brands and assemble a complete Bathroom Essentials Kit for you. Every kit includes carefully selected assortment of female hygiene and personal care products every man should have in his bathroom.

Wait, it’s not just the tampons; it has just everything that a girl should be looking for, i.e. sanitary pads, shaving creams & razors, disposable toothbrushes & floss, pain relief pills, disposable tweezers, mouthwash, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, deodorant, bathroom wipes and a lot more . . .

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StockYourCrib was founded as a result of Steven’s personal experience and it’s going to solve the problem of hundreds and thousands.

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StockYourCrib in Their Own Words:

StockYourCrib was founded on a simple concept, dudes have no clue what a girl needs when she comes over to the crib. Thanks to our beautiful & talented CribGirls we have removed all the guesswork out of the equation and simplified your life. Allowing you to get back to what you really want to focus on, the beautiful female at your crib!

StockYourCrib was founded and is operated by two bachelors that have a complete grasp on the bachelor lifestyle and what it takes to “entertain the ladies”. In their professional lives, both founders are seasoned business experts with countless years of experience starting, running, and profiting from start-ups.


What Brings StockYourCrib to the Spotlight:

You will be her hero when nature calls at a less than convenient time.


StockYourCrib Website:

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