The SDL Online Translation Editor for Faster & Higher Quality Translated Content

With the growth of internet, even the small and medium size companies are doing business with partners from other parts of the world. In the cross cultural business setups where multilingual communication is a must, translation plays vital role in determining the success.

Translation whether it’s done in-house or outsourced must be perfect and on time. This is where we look for a translation tool. A good translation software is one that offers a variety of languages, has user-friendly interface to translate documents seamlessly, can manage a large selection of file formats and can be accessed from anywhere.

The SDL Online Translation Editor is one such tool that you might be looking for! It’s a simpler and faster way to translate documents online. It’s an easy-to-use, web-based tool and is more effective than other software; with the help of intelligent machine translations from SDL Language Cloud, you can accelerate the translation by up to 30%. Available in a wide range of language pairs, machine translation suggestions are automatically applied thereby helping speed up the translation process.

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The Editor segments the text and displays the original and translated text side-by-side making it easier and faster to translate and review, with full support for formatted text and images.

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Whether you’re a marketer looking to target your audience in their native language, a secretary or administrative assistant who needs to get the translated documents ready in less time, or even a part-time translator with loads of work, The SDL Online Translation Editor is going to be your trusted partner in delivering the best service on time. The tool is currently in pilot and has not been officially released, however, if you wish to access the pilot you can sign up for early access.

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The SDL Online Translation Editor in Their Own Words:

The SDL Online Translation Editor offers an easy-to-use, dedicated online translation environment that contains a variety of translation-specific tools and features that enable users to produce higher quality translated content faster and more easily. It is ideal for anyone who currently translates ad-hoc content via tools such as word processors or spreadsheet programs and is looking for a smarter, more efficient way to translate.


What Brings The SDL Online Translation Editor to the Spotlight:

It’s faster, more accurate, easy to use and can be accessed from any device and platform!


The SDL Online Translation Editor Website:

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