ThinkingPhones Fetches $56.7 Million In Fresh Funding

It seems the investors are not hesitating in putting their money in cloud based services and the latest example of this is the fresh $56.7 million funding which has been infused in the cloud based unified service suite ThinkingPhones.

This recent funding was the fifth round of funding for ThinkingPhones, taking the total figure of investments to $87.9 million already. The major investors in this business includes Advanced Technology Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.

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The widespread use of mobile phones at work and home has transformed the way the business is conducted. Now the customers want to communicate not only through voice but also text, images and videos.

ThinkingPhones provides a platform which is much more safe, secure, reliable and scalable. It suits organization of all the sizes and is best suited for service provides, OEM partners and PBX vendors among many others.

What makes ThinkingPhones different are the deeply integrated applications be it voice, mobility, messaging etc. The powerful analytic engine of the platform captures the data across various applications in order to provide detailed insights and visibility to the management which will be of great help in efficient planning. ThinkingPhones is truly bringing a modern cloud era.

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