Tips on Writing a Perfect Linkedin Profile Summary

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a job seeker, an employer or whatever other reason you have to be on Linkedin, you are there for business! To generate business, you must have your first impression lasting for long and that’s what your Linkedin profile summary does.

LinkedIn profile summary is the first and the only opportunity for you to turn your visitor into a potential client, so make sure to have the best possible professional summary. Following are a few tips that will help you write an impact creating summary:

1- Never ever leave the summary section blank. Without a summary it’s not your profile, rather it’s a resume!

2- Use all 2,000 allowed characters, keeping in mind to be relevant only.

3- Mention what you can do, i.e. your skills and abilities.

4- Tell them what you have done, i.e. your achievements like awards and appreciations. But again, do not waste characters with unnecessary details.

5- Use bullets to make it more readable, as people do not want to read long sentences and paragraphs.

6- Having a tagline is a big plus.

7- Highlight your experience on various positions where you exhibited XXX skills. Again do not write a story.

8- Must use the language of your industry, i.e. use your specific key terms.

9- Keep your spirits high with positive attitude, i.e. make sure to keep a motivated tone throughout your profile summary.

10- Do not forget to mention your career/business goals/vision.

11- End it with a call to action; now this is what you know what you want your visitors to do!

Depending on nature of your profile and your industry you may have some options to enhance your profile summary, however, the above points will cover all industries and regions!

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