TITIN Tech Becomes Million Dollars Company with Recent Funding

TITIN Tech, a Georgia based manufacturer of fitness training products has recently raised $1,000,000 capital.

The company creates state of the art products that challenge the status quo of training by letting them train at the absolute peak of their ability.

One prominent product is TITIN Force; a weighted compression gear that boosts the efficiency of workouts, improves speed and balance using proprietary HyperGravity technology.

Though TITIN products are more targeted to professional athletes who want to perform at the peak of their sport, everyday fitness seekers can benefit from these options too. Most of the athletes and everyday fitness seekers who have used the products report positive results.

titin main image

TITIN has also been active to attract the attention of popular professional athletes by reaching people from Boston Red Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Hawks etc.

Though founded in 2010, the company saw actual growth in the past year whereby they sold +4,000 units of TITIN Force alone. Seeing the sped up growth and increased demand the company is projecting $16 million in sales.

The company seems to have big plans and so they are looking to explore markets outside the US. For this they are working to have distributors in Mexico, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Canada, and the entire Middle Eastern/North African region onboard.

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