Top 3 Holiday Marketing Campaigns That Drive More Sales

Holiday sales means higher profits, and so every business looks for ideas and strategies that make holiday campaigns more powerful. In order to have higher rate of success with Holiday Marketing campaigns, a business must know the target audience and have a careful understanding of what the competitors are offering for the particular season.

Knowing your audience let’s you offer them what they are looking for and having a close eye on competitors helps you make a better offer, so the consumers prefer you over them.

Well, to do Holiday Marketing on above mentioned strategy, you need to work on long term. If this is your first Holiday Marketing season, or you had “not much successful campaign” during last holidays, this guide should definitely work for you.

We have identified three major campaign types that can make holiday sales touch the new limits.

1- New Products Announcement: Holiday specific new products work great, as people are looking for the best for them as well as for their loved ones. In case if your business doesn’t have anything new to announce, a new packaging will work wonders!


2- Special Offers: Well, this type can include a wide range of options. A Business may use a single option or can go for a combination too. Some most common and highly converting holiday special offers are:

  • Buy XX get XX  free
  • Free Shipping
  • Special discount as loyalty points
  • Free voucher on shopping of XX amount
  • Free Dinner @ XX place


3- Gift Guides: Holiday shopping as we see from consumer’s end is easy when he is shopping for himself, but it’s tough when he has to buy for others. Providing a gift guide to customers ensure that they will buy something from that guide itself!


You can opt for any one or all of the above Holiday Marketing campaign types to maximize sales during the holidays. Whatever the strategy you select, make sure to execute it at best; rather than having 3 options and doing 33% each, it’s better to select one and do it 100%.

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