Torch; Simplifying Work for Rapid Growth of Your Small Business

As a business ventures into multiple areas of operations, there is a need of platform that helps to integrate and automate various processes. Whatever the business model it is, data plays vital role and to collect, sort and analyze the data, an organization requires dedicated resources in terms of manpower, finances and tools.

The collection and assessment becomes even an arduous task if it’s big data. Thus, there is a need of a smart automated program which makes use of artificial intelligence to automate the work and makes things simpler yet cost effective for the business. And, that’s an essential of a smart business growth strategy.

Torch is an all in one solution for small businesses that helps in capturing and analyzing data so you can have the actionable items readily available without investing more on manpower.

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From responsive website builder to SEO, inventory management, Email marketing, sales & marketing & CRM to Intelligent Growth Advice, it has everything under one roof.

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Based on assessment of parameters and trends, Torch provides you with intelligent advice which can be quite handy for small business owners, store managers and even website developers.

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Torch in Their Own Words:

Torch is the smart all-in-one business suite that uses artificial intelligence to automate work and help your business grow. Torch uses the power of artificial intelligence to gather and analyze data on your company, customers, and competition. This allows it to automate tasks and provide smart and actionable growth advice.


What Brings Torch to the Spotlight:

It saves time, money, and resources and you no longer need to have a large budget or big team to gather, analyze, and use big data!


Torch Website:

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