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Want to attend the mega music festival or a big sporting event but all the tickets are sold? Well, that happens many times. On the other hands, at times we bought tickets and we’re all set for the event but some urgencies happen and we cannot just attend the event.

Someone wants a ticket and someone else wants to sell it; but how should they connect?

Ideally, they must have Vibe Tickets on their smartphones.

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Having Vibe Tickets in your smartphone one can buy tickets from real fans who are keen to sell their tickets at face value or less, right up to the time of the event.

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Likewise, if you seem to be stuck with tickets 24 hours before an event but can no longer make it, Vibe allows you to simply share your tickets with the community and get the money you originally paid.

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In order to exchange ticket and the payment, users can choose to meet each other either before or during events to create a Vibe Tickets community of attendees.

Since, it’s open for everyone, the power is in the people’s hands. However, to ensure the legitimacy of users, Vibe has a close check on the profiles. So, in case if you have an unpleasant experience, do report it to the community!

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Vibe Tickets in Their Own Words:

Vibe Tickets is a community-based ticketing app that improves as more people join. It is free and will always be free. Download it today, spread the word and together we can ensure real fans pay real prices for the events they love!


What Brings Vibe Tickets to the Spotlight:

No more ticket touts in the secondary ticketing market.


Vibe Tickets Website:

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