Waffle; a Crowd Focused Messaging App for Live Events

Hundreds of biggest musical concerts, festivals, carnivals and sports galas happen every year whereby performers are the focus of all mainstream media.

Imagine, if there’s no crowd; would these events still make headlines? Certainly not, it’s the audience that takes all these big events to the peak of excitement, but sadly, nobody talks about the audience.

Waffle is aimed to change the way we attend events. It’s an app focused on you and me, the event goers! And, I am sure, everyone would love to experience the events in a totally new way.

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You can experience any big or small event right from the comfort of your phone. With Waffle, you can capture and share amazing moments with the crowd. Stay tuned with what’s going on in an event, meet other cool people like you, chat stay updated all at one place.

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Well, Waffle is not just an awesome discovery for event goers and consumers, but also for B2C and B2B businesses who want to leverage the power of audience in their events. For instance, you can embed the event on your website or blog to give the real time experience to your distant audience!

A must try for all the event goers and small businesses who want to make their events more talked about!

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Waffle in Their Own Words:

There wasn’t a dedicated community around the events we loved most. Companies tend to view attendees as an afterthought, making the performers the focus. On Waffle, you and the crowd are the main event.

Experience #MonacoGP, the #FrenchOpen and even #Ibiza2016 right from the comfort of your phone. Capture & share amazing moments with the crowd. Find out what’s going on at your favourite events. Enjoy unique experiences at the most sought after events. Meet cool people and join their experiences and stay updated on popular events all in one place.


What Brings Waffle to the Spotlight:

It focuses on audience who is the lifeline of an event!


Waffle Website: http://www.waffleapp.co

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