What is Your Entrepreneurial Drive?

You may find many people arguing that entrepreneurial drive is a trait acquired at birth. But the other group disagrees and believes it to be acquired at any stage of life and actually they are right when you see some people starting up in late fifties and above!

Well, what is common in all entrepreneurs is that they are considered to be independent thinkers; they dare to dream and have a belief on themselves that they have the ability to succeed. So there are two things:


1- The Dream; It’s not a dream in real context, but the ‘vision’ actually which enables them to look into the future and have a bigger picture. Vision is all about having an idea with measurable goals and the strategy to achieve those.

2- Belief; since, it’s you who will be the main driving force behind your new business, so you need faith in yourself.


Besides these two key factors, the entrepreneurial drive may vary person to person depending upon the demographics, social interaction, ideas, goals, competencies and a lot of other factors. I asked some people over Linkedin and they replied as follows:

  • Emerson Lormeus: I love to help people in many different ways. That characteristic alone can keep me focused on any project or plan.


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