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It’s not just strategic marketing and effective advertising that helps a business grow faster; but a happy, engaged and highly productive workforce is something that contributes to the company’s success more than anything.

However, keeping the workforce engaged in the right direction and increasing their productivity is a big challenge for almost any business. At times they lose motivation or do not find the right growth track and other times they are attracted to an exciting offer from a competitor. HR may not be able to set a healthy workplace if they’re not using the right tools.

YouEarnedIt is one such tool that helps HR, operations managers, hiring managers, chief culture officers, and CEOs to build highly productive teams. Real-time feedback from peers and managers is the basic demand of today’s workforce and YouEarnedIt is based on the same principle.

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Besides that, nonmonetary reward system helps a company to engage and retain the best talent. YouEarnedIt provides tools to connect, reward, reveal and report in real-time. The software is able to consolidate employee engagement initiatives into one, easy-to-use mobile platform for teams of all sizes. It can work well with remote teams even!

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It’s certainly a must try for the businesses looking to build stronger connectivity, increase productivity and promote a healthy workplace culture.

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YouEarnedIt in Their Own Words:

YouEarnedIt is an HR software that offers businesses of 150 or more employees a custom peer-to-peer engagement and reward programs that increase productivity, improve employee retention, and inject happiness into the workplace culture.

YouEarnedIt is a SaaS HR technology platform that redefines the way companies engage with their employees. By providing tools to connect, reward, reveal and report in real-time, YouEarnedIt is able to consolidate employee engagement initiatives into one, easy-to-use mobile platform for teams of all sizes. Since launching in 2012, YouEarnedIt has delivered its flexible software to small enterprises and Fortune 500 brands across several industries.


What Brings YouEarnedIt to the Spotlight:

It helps building the highly productive teams and brings the business on fast growth track!


YouEarnedIt Website:

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