ZenMaid Software; Saves More than 90% of Operational Costs for Cleaning Businesses

The ever expanding population and the faster than ever lifestyle in big cities make maids and cleaning services an ideal small business. Small scale cleaning can be a financially successful home-based business even, and the biggest advantage is that it is always in demand.

So, even if you start small, you need to expand it. It all goes good, until you happen to have a faster than expected expansion. Managing the incoming orders becomes a headache; not because your team cannot fulfil orders, but for the reason that managing the order manual can have mistakes.

Hiring an office admin (whose job is solely to manage orders, send cleaners accordingly, follows up with the team and clients etc) can reduce lot of hassles. It’s not just an efficient management, but you get enough time to focus on marketing and growth. But, it involves costs, i.e. minimum of a $1000 to hire an average admin.

Wait, you can save more than 90% of this cost, with ZenMaid Software. It’s an all in one solution to run your cleaning business successfully. Start your free trial today to experience the reduced headache, mistakes prevention, and of course ease of management.

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With ZenMaid, you can send work orders to your cleaners, send reminders to your customers, follow up after appointments for feedback and referrals as well as handle your payroll in just a few, easy clicks.

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Check it with a free trial and see how you can save money and time while entertaining customers with the best customer services.

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ZenMaid Software in Their Own Words:

ZenMaid is a management and marketing automation software for maid & cleaning services. It assists maid services businesses with day-to-day operations by automating necessary management and marketing tasks.


What Brings ZenMaid Software to the Spotlight:

Timely tasks that are required to keep any maid service operational and profitable.


ZenMaid Software Website: http://www.zenmaid.com/

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