10 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in Big Cities

If you are a woman living in a big city; the large population and hyper active business environment brings you an ideal opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Though there’s no such difference between a woman and a man when it comes to entrepreneurial drive, but there are certain businesses that suit women entrepreneur most. These small business ideas work great for women because unlike men, they need to balance the additional family responsibilities along with business.

Whether you agree or not, choice of right business matters most when it comes for a woman to become a successful entrepreneur.

Having your business in a big city doesn’t just mean being financially independent, but also get the opportunity to experience a whole new world discovering a new yourself!

small business ideas for women in big cities

Here are some of the best small business ideas for women in the big cities.


1- Makeup Artist/Beauty Salon:

If you are a beauty lover and know how to make others look good, this is probably the best small business idea for women living in big cities. Besides the very common reason that large population in any big city needs beauty services, you cannot ignore the fact that women have better aesthetic sense and so they make better beauty experts.

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2- Small Scale Bakery or Custom Cake Shop:

This business idea is purely for women who love baking. A small scale bakery can even be started from home simply by turning your personal kitchen into a commercial kitchen and getting it inspected by the authorities.

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3- Day Care/Child Care Service:

If you are a mom yourself who is highly career oriented person and finds it difficult to have a home like environment for kids; you may think of starting your own day care service where you make sure your kids are in right hands. People will definitely love to drop their kids to a second home!

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4- Pick & Deliver Dry Cleaning Services Business:

So this is all about, getting a helper, either for washing or for collections and delivery and all you need to do is to utilize your household washing equipment. Well, depending upon the budget you may consider opening a location too.

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5- Consultancy Services Business:

If you are a one who was once “the most needed employee” in your organization and you left the job because you wanted to enjoy the motherhood, starting your own consultancy service in your niche is the best idea to get back to the industry.

Believe it or not, one year career gap will throw you 4 years back if you decide to go back to job, so a wise idea is being consultant. You don’t need huge money to start even and can operate from home till you feel you should get an office.

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6- SEO & Online Marketing Company:

Being an SEO or Online Marketing expert is a big thing for big cities, because every business wants to top the competition and not all of them can afford a full online marketing department. If you have at least three years of experience, it’s an essential for you to think of your own business.

SEO and Online Marketing Company suits women more because, it involves a lot of creative and writing stuff that women do better than men. You may start your own company as part time till you decide to quit the job and be a full time entrepreneur.

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7- Social Media/PR Agency:

The fact of the matter is that, women enjoy more being social. So, if you are a woman who loves to socialize, meet and greet new people, explore more and more about less and less and so on; starting your own Social Media or a PR agency is the best idea.

Of course, to start a Social Media or PR agency, you must have the required knowledge and skills set to start, run and operate the business efficiently, besides just having love for socialization.

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8- Outsourcing Firm:

You must be great at business development to start this type of business. A huge number of businesses in the big cities outsource their content writing, design and development and even call centre tasks and there are various freelancers who want to get those projects.

By establishing an outsourcing firm you can receive the projects from companies, get them done by freelancers and make your profits.

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9- Blogging:

In case if you do not wish to pursue a career out of home and want to be a full time mom working in flexible hours only, blogging is probably the best choice. Selecting a profitable niche is however tricky, but as long as your blog creates value and has enough good traffic, money will come itself.

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10- Affiliate Marketing:

Being an Affiliate Marketer, you do not need to spend time on thinking of creating your own product, rather sell someone else’s and make your profit. Affiliate Marketing is ideal for women who have exceptional sales skills. If you have been into sales previously and now staying at home, the best idea is to cash your skills and start your own business today!

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So, if you are a women working 9 to 5 in a big city and feeling being under paid, or a mom on career break, this is the time to start your own business and let the world change for you!

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