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10 Blunders to Avoid When Starting an Etsy Business

Did you know Mila Kunis and Aston Kutcher bought their wedding rings from Etsy? Etsy is the holy ground of craft makers around the world. Whether you’re handy with a crochet hook or have the skills to make jewellery, Etsy is the perfect platform to kickstart your very own business. From clothing to home decor to furniture, it’s suitable for all kinds of independent creators.

However, like most good things navigating an e-commerce platform can be tricky. You could have the right idea and skills but your business might still fail. If you’re starting a business in the digital sphere, here are some common mistakes you should stay clear off:

1- Overlooking SEO

It would be nearly impossible to sell your product without an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Even if you’re selling the best product out there, customers can’t buy it if they never see it.

SEO is necessary to make your product the top search result in its category. Working on SEO is a gradual process, it’s not an overnight solution.

2- Underwhelming Product Images

If you’re not a skilled photographer, it’s a good idea to get one involved. You need bright, well-framed and aesthetically-pleasing photographs. In a consumer’s mind,  a poor photograph is immediately associated with a subpar product.

If you wish to create a good and lasting impression on your customers, then invest resources in product photography.

3- Mediocre Descriptions

Usually, when people are browsing Etsy, they are looking for something different from mass-produced items. If you provide mediocre and uncreative product descriptions, your prospective customer will lose interest.

When customers are looking for one-of-a-kind artisan products, they want to know the story behind your products. Therefore, make sure your descriptions are very well written, i.e. detailed and personal.

4- No Niche

To establish and grow your Etsy business, you must find a niche. Just like you, there are millions of other artists trying to sell their products. In order to do well on Etsy, your product must be unique.

5- Impersonal Approach

What makes Etsy different from other e-commerce platforms is that it’s a community-driven space. Customers are not just looking for the cheapest products, but something they can connect to. One way to make customers feel valued is by asking for their feedback and learning from these suggestions.

6- Failure to Brand

Do you wish to create random products that lack cohesiveness? No! You need to focus on your branding and consistently brand your products and shop. Create a unique brand name and logo and use it across all your platforms. It should be distinct and unforgettable.

7- Poor Quality Supplies

As soon as orders start coming in, you have to make the right arrangements to ship them out. Don’t make the mistake of using poor quality supplies for packing your products. When it comes to products, the outside counts just as much as the insides.

Adding to the previous point, you should customise your packaging with your brand logo. Direct Packaging Solutions offers a variety of custom packaging supplies.

8- Inadequate Promotion

Just setting up a store on Etsy is not enough. The digital space goes far and beyond that. You have to sign up on every platform you possibly can to create a network web leading to your Etsy store.

9- Underutilizing Community Features

Etsy offers community features where you can interact with other creators and entrepreneurs. This is an excellent way to learn useful tips and tricks of the trade. You can ask questions and get help from reliable sources.

10- Overpricing

Overpricing your product isn’t a feasible business strategy. You have to reasonably price your products. You should do market research and look at what your competitors are charging to set suitable prices.

The Bottom Line:

Selling on Etsy can be a highly profitable business for new eCommerce entrepreneurs, but it requires parallel planning and careful actions in order to succeed. The above ten are the most common mistakes new Etsy sellers make and I hope knowing this you’ll better be able to avoid these!

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