10 Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

With the rise of digital marketing, it is hard to foresee which marketing methods may have the best impact on consumers. Good digital marketing companies as a whole and individual marketers in particular are well-aware of the forthcoming digital marketing trends, and they do everything they can to implement all the trends in their marketing strategies. Check out this list of best agencies in San Francisco to see how your business can benefit from these strategies.

Digital marketing is most popular in urban cultures, but with the technology upgrades and more mobile internet users, small towns are also increasingly considering digital marketing.

What Builds up the New Digital Marketing Trends

People’s preferences are on a constant change, and so the latest upgrades in the technology are urging their behavior to change. Technology is playing the key role in new digital marketing trends and watching these trends you can implementing updates in your digital marketing strategies.

Stuff that gets viral or is being talked more about are the trends that are influencing your potential consumers and getting involved with those trends means attracting more people towards your brand. For instance, with the increasing number of WhatsApp conversations, businesses opting for order placement & newsletter broadcast through WhatsApp.

This article published on Forbes gives us a better explanation about digital marketing trends are changing the landscape for small businesses.

This article will discuss the upcoming digital marketing trends that are becoming more significant by the day. Which marketing trends should people pay closer attention at? Why are they beneficial for their marketing plans? And yes, this digital marketing agency Dubai can help you understand these trends and to choose which ones to implement into your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Let’s have a look at the trending digital marketing landscape.

1- Content Still Plays the Vital Role

Even today, content is still everything that a good marketing strategy needs! It’s well-known that enticing and inspiring the audience is of the utmost importance. Appealing to their emotions, making them feel excitement or provoke their thoughts is what good content will achieve.

The primary goal of content isn’t just placing the content in front of people hoping that they’ll respond to it, but to inspire their thoughts via your content and to open a two-way communication door, which will further lead to trust development and you’ll let your customers know of your appreciation. This article explains the content marketing tactics in detail.

2- Artificial Intelligence Expansion

AI makes data analysis more efficient, it can perform tasks that people struggle with, and it can target potential leads quickly. In some cases, AI takes the form of machine learning, but you should know that even the Netflix’s recommendation system whose job is to suggest TV shows to watch is, technically speaking, AI.

Artificial Intelligence can monitor people’s online patterns, which will help you understand their behavior in real-time. Thus, implementing new digital marketing strategies methods will bring more customers.

3- Chatbots Are Here To Stay

Customer service is significant for everyone, but not everyone likes to talk to a person on the phone or has the time for sending emails. That’s the reason why chatbots are convenient. Chatbots are little AI helpers integrated into websites that can fulfill requests and answer questions promptly.

According to a report from Grand View Research, the worldwide chatbot market will reach an astonishing number of $1.25 billion by 2025, while its annual growth rate will be 24.3%.

4- The Marketing Funnel Is Changing

Reaching out to people that are genuinely interested in your brand or product is very cost-efficient, but it’s also less time-consuming and sustainable. Consumers search for businesses that will provide them with genuine trust and legitimate relationships.

The current marketing funnel will take anyone in, assessing them for profit or rejecting them if they seem unfit. Customers are not objects, so treating them as objects won’t benefit your company at all. Businesses today are efficiently leveraging content to target niche audience rather than opening up a marketing funnel which swallows everyone at once.

5- Voice Search

Searching by using your voice has become a thing. Voice-based commerce sales in the U.S. reached $1.8 billion in 2017 and will reach over $40 billion by 2022. Voice searches are more convenient since they cut the screen time a lot. Performing a voice search is more comfortable, eye-friendly, and fun. Making an order or placing a purchase by voice is here, in 2019.

6- Visual Searches

Visual searches are in expansion. Uploading a photograph of a landscape or an object through the visual search apps will provide you with all the wanted information about the object or a landscape you’re researching. This allows us to get more relevant information quickly instead of browsing through the endless list of results.

7- Influencers In Digital Marketing

It is well-known that companies used to hire celebrities to advertise their brands or products, but today, that is changing too. Influencers are “the real people among us” and not some famous actors or athletes. Making a more personal connection with consumers by hiring influencers has proven a worthy investment in today’s digital marketing world.

8- Focusing On The Second Youngest Generation

Millennials brought too much trouble to marketers, but now, marketers have finally understood their thoughts and needs. The thing is, the millennial generation is getting older, and they are reaching a point from which they’ll have the buying power. We should now focus on the second-youngest generation and realize what they seek is authenticity and companies that will make the world a better place. Therefore, implement all your marketing strategies toward reaching that goal, which is – get the Z generation into your consumer’s market.

9- Vertical Videos Are Becoming Popular

Your marketing strategy should keep vertical videos form in mind. Instagram, as one of the most popular social media platforms, has launched its IGTV app, which allows users to watch all types of videos only in vertical mode.

10- Security Caution

People are more concerned now than ever about their security from hacks, thefts, and other ways of losing their precious data. People tend to favor companies that will promise them the safest personal and business experience.

The Bottom Line:

Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or your small business is thriving, keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is a great way to increase the profitability of your business.