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10 eCommerce Website Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

E-commerce is a high-income industry, although it is not easy to sell goods online. There is a huge competition and website needs to be very good to be successful in this perfection chase.

The main purpose of the e-commerce website is to attract as many customers as possible and increase the conversion rate, but it is not going to happen if there are mistakes that cause troubles to online buyers.

This article will discuss the top 10 e-commerce website design mistakes that can lead entrepreneurs to bankruptcy in this small guide for e-commerce.

1- Lack of Detailed Product Information

When you shop in a regular store, you have the advantage of being able to touch the product, feel it, examine it from all sides and read any information on the packaging and label. Shopping online eliminates such interactions. That is why product information is essential for better conversion rate.

2- Harbouring of Contact Information

Consumers want to know that they deal with real companies when they share with their credit card data. They want to know that if they have a problem, they can talk to the real person and get assistance. Otherwise, consumers can’t trust a website without reliable contact information.

3- The Long or Misleading Ordering Process

The ordering process should be as convenient as possible for customers could transfer their credit card details and complete the purchase process extremely rapidly. The more actions require the online purchase, the higher the probability that customers won’t complete their purchase.

4- Account Requirement for Ordering

When customer accounts are needed before they can place an order, this is another obstacle to their successful purchase. Consider what is more important: getting an order or getting customer information for corporate databases? Remember, the second option can mean losing some customers.

5- Inadequate Search

Using the search engine instead of messing through categories and filters can accelerate the search process a few times. The effective search feature on the website can help find hundreds of inquiries.

6- Poor Service Functions

Easy contact option for customers is beneficial fr website when customers have problems or questions. By offering a customer inquiry form to fill out, you can inspire more trust than just offering an email address.

7- Qualitative Product Pictures

Since consumers cannot physically evaluate products website should have product photos to provide at least the chance to see the product that customers want to buy.

8- Single Product Presentation Image

When the product comes in digital, customers want to evaluate products from different angles. Images shot from different sides, and detailed product features can greatly benefit in the successful purchase.

Make sure to invest in having best product photography for better results.

9- Poor Cart Design

The shopping cart is an incredibly important part of every e-commerce website. Users should have an opportunity to add multiple products and revise quantities or other parameters about products.

10- Shortage of Payment Options

Many websites allow users to pay with VISA, Mastercard or PayPal. What about someone who does not have a credit card and wants to pay directly from their bank account or pay with cash when receiving products from the courier. So make sure to have multiple payment methods to improve conversions.

Avoid all the above-mentioned e-commerce website design mistakes and make things right to increase the conversion rate and operate your business effectively.

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