10 Education Related Startup Ideas for High School & College Students

A full-time job is rarely an option for students. It is so especially if they want to focus on getting a proper education. In this case, you may wonder what can help you to always have some extra cash and pay your bills.

For some people, being a part of the education world is a burden. For us, it is a space of endless business opportunities.

This article will introduce you to 10 side hustle ideas for those who are good at writing, app and web development, and marketing.

If you have outstanding writing skills and a decent Wi-Fi connection, the first three opportunities are for you!

1- Tutoring

The first and most obvious idea is to tutor other college students or even high schoolers. We all have that one thing we are pretty good at. Why not help others to master it, too?

It might also help you to learn how to explain complicated things simply. As a result, it is a double win for you as you get paid and improve your ability to communicate complex ideas.

2- Essay Writing

Let’s agree that creating an excellent essay is a kind of art. A lot of students struggle when it comes to expressing specific ideas, paper formatting and proper referencing. That is why you can offer your assistance as a custom essay writer.

A couple of things that you will want to consider. First, you have to have comprehensive writing skills and be able to generate interesting ideas. Second, you will want to make sure your academic workload will let you spend enough time on someone else’s assignments without affecting your grades.

It is not only about your customers’ deadline but yours as well! Finally,it is important to find that fine line and learn how to balance school and work.

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3- Editing and Proofreading

These services are significant for study-related papers. You can offer other students to correct their essays in terms of grammar, syntax, spelling, improving the paper structure and its style. This option is very related to the previous two and might be offered in a package along with those.

If you are a pro in web and app development, the next four startup ideas might sound fascinating to you.

4- Tutor Finding App/Website

It is not a problem if being a tutor is not your thing. You can create a platform that will help to connect a tutor with a student.

5- Essay Writers App or Website

It is quite the same as with a tutor-finding app. You can create an online space for students to find professional essay writers. A student who needs assistance with his or her papers will use essay services such as AdvancedWriters.com to get hooked up with writers with different backgrounds.

However, you will want to make sure that the writers follow crucial rules. Students usually claim three things. Those are meeting deadlines, providing plagiarism-free papers of high quality, and ensuring proper communication with customers.

6- Online Classes App or Website

Multiple platforms offer classes taught by experts. However, you can collect courses developed by professionals from your college or university or even big companies.

The process of arranging such a platform might require a lot of communication between you and the course providers. Yet, networking is essential for your startup to thrive. If such collaboration is not something you would invest your time in, you should try to record your own videos.

7- Study Groups App/Website

Studying alone can be pretty boring and challenging. Creating an online service for study and help might be an answer. Such a service should have a convenient note-sharing, deadline-setting, and other group-studying options.

If selling skills is your strong side, you might find these intriguing!

8- School Supplies Company

Pencils, notebooks, pens, markers, and erasers are not the only must-have school goods. Ecologically made lunch boxes, coffee cups, and utensils are probably the most trending things among college students. Not only can you make some cash but also promote a sustainable way of living.

9- Educational Materials Service

This can be a platform where students can sell their old learning materials like books. Yet, it should not be limited only to printed copies. Students buy educational materials like e-articles, journals and books all the time.Why not share?

10- An Online Magazine

Online platforms with high-quality content can use display advertising to make money. Your target audience might be people who are involved in the education industry. A magazine can cover any kind of topics like a traditional college education, e-learning, using technology in the classroom, learning techniques, education research, etc.

Once your online magazine is promoted enough, it can easily become a subscription service.

It is only a shortlist of startup opportunities for students but no doubt it has the potential to spark a couple of your ideas in you!