10 Effective Marketing Channels Every First Time Entrepreneur Should Know

The market is crowded with many established businesses; therefore, small business owners, and particularly who are doing this for the first time should work hard to market their small ventures.

There are various ways to market small businesses and the internet is full of all new ideas, but this article will discuss 10 most important marketing channels (both online and offline) that every first time entrepreneur should know..

1- An informative website

Building an informational business website is vital for all business ventures. Also, potential clients who visit your page should be convinced in the shortest time possible. Also, give accurate information with well-written product descriptions.

2- Use social media

Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn are excellent ways to boost your online exposure. This way, you can network with others who are interested in your products or services.

You can also join or create your business profile in social networking sites and start interacting with others. But you should not ignore the power of niche social networks and sites that can serve as strategic partners. For instance, if you operate a small pizza shop, you can use a Slice app to assist clients in ordering online.

3- Start blogging

Blogging can be a great marketing tool for any small business as it has long term benefits for almost all types of business. With blogging, you can write conversationally and open up a new audience. Also, by writing articles, you attract lots of visitors daily. More so, the search engines view famous article directories as news aggregators, and so they are granted high credibility within search results.

4- Use fliers

Giving fliers to spots with substantial traffic can raise your business presence. However, this works more if you’re targeting a particular location or specific clients.

5- Newsletters

Sending newsletters to potential clients notifies people about your business. Furthermore, you can leave the newsletters as well as pamphlets in other shops where clients can pick them up.

6- Billboard and banners

Banners with your business name and motto can effectively bring potential clients to your small business. However, this may be costly for small businesses, but it works.

7- Podcasts

Podcasts are compelling since clients can hear a voice that they can connect more with as compared to a piece of paper. To some, this strategy may seem odd, but it works.

8- A memorable domain name

You should create a catchy and memorable domain name if possible. Several people will always remember Yahoo, Google, or Monster and many others. Similarly, if you come up with a domain name ending with a .com or .net, then that’s a great way to market your small business online.

There are various factors that altogether make a domain name valuable for a business and this article should help you choose the domain name that is right for your business.

9- Submit to directories

Directories for instance; merchant circle, Yelp and Kudzu and excellent spots to start with. With these directories, you can create an advertising space by use of specific keyword phrases. The same key phrases are the ones that people use to search for products or services.

10- Use videos

Come up with videos using YouTube as well as other video sharing sites, this way you can explain the steps on the use of your products or services. However, make the videos capture the attention of clients and stand out of the crowd by making them unique.

Marketing your small business doesn’t need to be costly, whichever strategy you employ remember that not marketing your business could cost your business millions of money. Therefore, if you’re not doing so and have no idea how to start, get a professional who can assist you in getting started.