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10 Helpful Product Photography Tips for ECommerce Businesses

Ecommerce sites are extremely image orientated, and it is very important to have impressive imagery. However, a lot of companies really take lackluster imagery which contributes to low conversions.

You may be surprised to know that using better images you can not only improve the conversion rate on the website, but can also build a better brand. So, here are some tips for Ecommerce businesses to avoid the uninspiring imagery and replace the low quality image content with more convincing visuals:

1- Light – Get Quantity and Distribution Right

The idea light source for any type of photography is natural light and you should try to shoot your photos using natural light as far as you can. Ideally, you should shoot your photographs in the early afternoon to get the best results. While the quantity of the light is extremely important but you also need to pay attention to the uniformity of distribution in order to get the best results.

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Soft Shadow or Hard Shadow: When the size of the object being photographed is much bigger as compared to the size of the light source, it results in hard shadows. On the other hand, a much bigger light source as compared to the subject’s size results in creation of soft shadows. For e-commerce, it’s recommended to go for soft shadows which means you should try to click photos in the outdoors or near big windows.

It’s recommended to use a flash diffuser for avoiding hard shadow. You can easily create a flash diffuser by attaching a white plastic bag or a white tape to the camera flash. It will result in more soft and even distribution of light which will cover all parts of the subject instead of focusing on a single spot.

2- White Background – Infinity Curve

When it comes to product photography, it better to use a clean white background at as it keeps the focus of the viewer only on the object. You must have seen this before and it’s known as the Infinity Curve. An endless white background is used for shooting photos of products to present a clean and pleasant view without any horizon. For this, you will need to take a piece of white fabric or paper and bend it in order to create a curve. When you shoot with this background, the only item in the photo will be the product that will get the complete attention of the viewer.

3- Try Different Angles

Try unusual angles when you’re taking photos next time. Our recommendation is to take several close-ups and go for a unique angle that tells a story about the product. It is important that you test several different options in order to find an angle that offers the most attractive or impressive tale about the product.

While the photos should try to tell a story but keep in mind that the image has to accurately reflect the quality, shape and size of the product in order to ensure customer satisfaction as well as sales.

4- Avoid Motion Blur

You should consider investing in a tripod in order to eliminate even the slightest movement or vibration as it can result in motion blur. Also, the motion blur becomes more obvious as you get closer to the object. An inexpensive tripod will keep the camera stable and you should feel the difference in the sharpness of the image.

You may also use the built-in timers in the camera for minimizing camera shake and maximizing accuracy. In case you are using your smartphone to capture pictures, you might lean it up against another study object in order to minimize movement.

5- Scale is Important – Sometimes

There are times when you need to provide a sense of scale in order for viewers to easily recognize the product. It’s recommended to include another item in an image that most people are already familiar with in order to help them visualize the product’s size. For instance, you can place a standard size pencil next to a miniature doll in order to help people visualize the size of the miniature doll.

6- Natural Works

There is a saying that an image is like a thousand words. However, the image needs to be clicked in a manner that helps people get context so they are able to relate to it. For instance, it’s best to show the picture of a watch on someone’s wrist. Similarly, the picture of a coffee table book that you are trying to sell will have much more effect in case the picture includes an open book on a real table that also has a small fruit bowl placed next to it.

Similarly, if you are offering clothing or jewelry for sale on your website, it’s better to have a picture of a model wearing your product. It gives potential buyers an idea of how the product will look on them and it also shows the target audience for that particular product.

7- Show Everything

In many instances, webmasters show picture of a single item and tell viewers that the item is also available in other colors such as blue and green. It’s better recommended to let people see for themselves when a particular item is offered in a selection of colors instead of just telling them.

So, you should place a set of photos that shows the products in all the colors as it makes the whole thing more attractive. You will also have much better chances of selling it with pictures in different colors.

8- Download Pictures to Your Computer

One of the common most common mistakes made by inexperienced webmasters is that they review the pictures straight on the camera and base their decision on how images look on the tiny screen. It’s recommended to download all the pictures onto your computer before you decide to use a picture.

The size of screen makes a big difference when it comes to quality of an image and therefore, you shouldn’t use the delete button on your camera without viewing the pictures first on your computer.

9- Clean and Simple

The rise of various social media applications focused on pictures has also given rise to the use of filters. However, filters are not the right choice when it comes to product photography for e-commerce. Ideally, you should use a professional photo editing toolkit.

People want to see the real product and if you put filters on the product pictures, it might create doubts in the minds of your potential customers regarding the quality of your product. Therefore, keep things as clean and simple as possible.

10- Use the Macro Setting

The cameras these days come with a separate setting that is intended to be used for capturing the slightest of details. You should switch to this mode when you are taking pictures of small objects such as a flower or jewelry. On most cameras, it is represented by a tulip like icon. This ‘Flower’ setting is known as Macro setting. This setting uses a narrow depth of field and gives a totally different perspective.

Pro tip: When you want to take a photograph of a very small object where even the Flower setting does not work, you should consider an extension tube as it has been designed specifically for capturing all the tiny details. An extension tube is typically used by professional photographers but you will find yourself using a variety of advanced photo instruments and tools as you move ahead with your photo shoots.

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