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10 Leadership Best Practices That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Every entrepreneur and business manager wants to be a special boss who is a role model of a leader, and can get most of the work done by the team without trouble. But to become such a desirable boss one needs to work on some core attributes.

Well, the most common attribute of the exceptional leaders is that they know the way of finding and enticing the best people into the organization, and guiding them in the right direction so they can drive exceptional performance out of them. This is why the leaders do not just grow their own business, but also fast-track the careers of their employees both inside and outside the organization.

You may be wondering how to achieve becoming a better leader as well as winning trust from your team. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1- Act Like A Leader From the Day One

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Set a tone when it comes to your style in leadership from the very start. Be self-assured, respectful, and confident with each person that you meet. Speak to people how you would like them to speak to you, and always remember that you need to listen. The first days and weeks is when your team will start to develop a perception about you, which means you should work extra hard in order to earn trust. Staff would like a leader they can look up-to, that sets a desirable tone, along with culture and values from day one. These are essential factors to achieve effective progress and change.

2- Set Goals That are Bold

One of the requirements of a leader involves setting bold goals. This may take you a few years in order to achieve. However, these goals should be specific that every person in your organization has an understanding of them, is striving towards them as well as willing to work with you and others in order to achieve these goals. Keep in mind that bold has to also mean that it is achievable.

3- Trust Your Employees

Avoid trying to do everything on your own. The best leaders like Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon, along with Richard Branson the Virgin mogul made sure they made friends and partnerships with talented people that were able to bring their very own solutions to the table. Set a vision and decide on the goals yet trust your team in helping you to make this happen.

Indecisiveness is a weak trait, while tolerance is a strong trait. You need to be able to communicate a vision for future years and when things need changes, tell your team and get them involved when it comes to making these changes. Show confidence in the way of allowing them to participate with the new strategy and the design. When your team seems too cautious when it comes to the new approach, offer another chance backed by greater clarity.

4- Stamp Out the “Them” And “Us” Culture

In various organizations, the employees are made to feel like they are apart from the senior management. Good leaders are well aware of these traits and will work on stamping this out within the organization. Your message needs to be very clear that everyone needs to work as a team. Yet leaders will have to work very hard to make sure this has filtered through to every person within the organization.

5- Avoid Rescuing People From Events

Your team will learn from doing and allowing them to work out things for themselves along with making mistakes, which helps to grow people. Times might be tough, while change can be highly complex in order to handle, yet if your boss is requiring maximum energy to back a mission, avoid wrapping your team in cotton-wool, along with not letting them hide behind these processes.

6- Allow Enough Time for Innovation

It is essential that you are giving your staff members enough time in order to develop new ideas and innovate, when it comes to doing things in different ways and solving problems. However, you need to be very clear about that decisions are expected. Set time limits and make sure you stick with it. It is important to allow enough time, but keep in mind that a better pace is best for energy in the business.

7- Honor the Roots of the Business

A winning formula when it comes to the success of the business was already created years ago and it is very important to keep in mind how this business started out. Honor the earliest pioneers and attempt to instill pride across your organization. J. Sainsbury is a good example when it comes to this. If Sainsbury is looking to advertise quality, it is backed by historical proof.

8- Be Very Decisive

There is very little use of having leaders that are unable to make decisions, even when the decision may be wrong. Indecisiveness is able to undermine trust and confidence. Leaders have to be able to lead, take chances and make a decision that is related to the facts he or she has available to them. This core skill is associated with all successful leaders. In fact, Gordon Brown in the position as a prime minister had lost the confidence in many of his closest allies when he was unsure that in 2007 he could win with ease. Not being able to make decisions with purpose and clarity can result in a quick loss of credibility and support.

9- Act Swiftly And Be Radical

Leaders should be able to take risks as well as show radical thinking. Playing safe is not the best business rule, while leaders need to ensure that the business is ahead by acting fast when it comes to new innovations and ideas.  Look at this post from Redline for inspiration.

10- Be Proud, Passionate And Enthusiastic

You have to believe so that people are able to see your vision and follow you. Show that you are proud, enthusiastic and passionate. Many people spend most of their lives in the workplace and having the type of leader which shows genuine excitement about the company and its future can be hugely inspiring and motivating.

The Bottom Line:

Everyone has different personality traits and so the business leaders have, but one thing that makes them stand out as an inspiration is the fact these people aspire nurture the exceptional talent!

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