10 Low Cost Small Business Ideas for Creative People

In the professional world, jobs and businesses which involve creative thinking are not found in abundance, because the corporate world mainly follows preset rules and procedures and anything deviating from the organizational procedures is not considered to be a profitable move.Creativity is something which is natural and if observed these very artists, designers, musicians and all kinds of creative professionals are the people who bring the beauty, colors and entertainment around us. Everybody has some kind of talent. One can earn a great business from their creative talent if identified and pursued in the right manner.

If you are one of those who think out of the box and want to earn money with little investment, then following is a list of ideas which will surely yield you a great business.

 1- Sell Arts & Crafts Online

Many people are good with a lot of crafty things. Some of these include crocheting, embroidery, knitting, painting, sketching, illustrations and numerous others. If you are good at any of such crafts then all you need to do is to post a portfolio of your work on social media sites, and wait for customers to contact you.

Doing it online will also save you the cost of setting up a shop or franchise. Giving an option of customized work to the customers will also grab more of them because people always love to have something unique personalized for them only.

You only need to invest at first in the material that you will need to create the craft which can be easily recovered by selling the craft with profit. Don’t forget to add the money for delivering the crafts in your selling price.

2- Interior Designer

If you can transform the look of a room just by changing the position of few things and you have a great sense of aesthetics, then this idea might be for you. You can attract a vast clientele for this business idea, including women who want to bring some innovation in interiors of their houses to corporate clients such as owner of different franchises or offices.

No special skills are required to start this business, all you need is a good aesthetic sense. You can tag along with yourself people who are good with woodwork and handyman skills if you don’t have expertise in them. This will help you form a team.  However, if you network with builders, Realtors, and home renovation businesses, you can get referrals as well.

An easy to start business idea with little to no investment.

3- Jewelry Designer

Nowadays jewelry is no more limited to gold and silver, designers are experimenting in this field to use as many new materials and combinations to bring innovation and attract more people: beads, threads, stones, glass, wire; you name it is being used to make as intricate as possible piece of jewelry.  If you have done even a basic course of jewelry making and have an amazing imagination of using materials all in one place to make a wearable piece of art then this business idea is for you.

This business idea will require a little setup at your house to start with and the basic equipment as well which is not very costly. You can expand your clientele by posting your work online and setting up stalls in exhibitions and charity events. Remember uniqueness and quality is the key to success in this kind of business.

4- Gifts & Flowers Delivery

Are you one of those people who want the packing of the gift to be as good as the gift inside? Setting up a little gift and flowers delivery will just be the right business idea for you to pursue.

It is a very easy business idea to pursue since it does not require any special skills and high startup capital. In fact you can start this business from your home as well.

Gifts are given and taken on every little celebration be it a promotion, graduation, or even a birthday. Starting this service will ease people from the task of choosing the gift and packing them in a presentable manner. Moreover adding flowers in the package will make it complete and more appealing.

The market to target for this idea is indeed a vast one. Start by offering the service in your neighborhood, and then you can expand by selling in exhibitions, online or even on local shops.

4- Photography Business

A business idea which needs only two things to start with, a camera and some Photoshop skills. A reasonable camera can be bought in around $500 and the skills can be easily mastered by following the tutorials online. It is a onetime investment business idea which can be started from home very easily.

Photography business has been in the market from ages, but what will make you stand is quality and uniqueness. If you have an eye for taking great pictures then this ideas is for you to start with. You can also focus on particular areas or start in general. Some of the areas that you may consider focusing on include; the wedding photography, sports photography, child photography, nature photography to name a few. You can cover the events and later on start promoting your photography business online as well as offline.

6- Music Tutoring

There are numerous people who are passionate about music, and how great it would be to earn money from something you love doing. There are so many people who wish to learn to play some musical instruments but don’t have the ease in their schedules. All you need is your passion and that particular instrument which may cost a few hundred dollars, and you are good to teach anywhere, anytime. Offering flexibility and mobility to your customers will help you attract more customers.

Other option can be tutoring from your own home as well as starting a music review website. This business idea will attract only the particular portion of people, however you can increase your outreach by promoting your website on social media sites heavily.

7- Dance Coaching

Just like music tutoring, if you have the skills required to coach dance you can start your business right away. The kind of people that you can target are; busy professionals, who want to dance to stay fit, youths who are restless and want to make some money, as well as kids who just want to learn it like any other sport. There are so many kinds of dances that one can learn and teach to your clients. So, offering a variety to them will be beneficial for your business.

It requires very little investment to start a proper dance studio, but if you have an ample space at home for coaching you can start with little money too. All you need is to identify the target audience and market your business theright way.

8- Makeup Artistry

Creativity can be in any form, even if it includes being good with makeup and its technicalities. Makeup industry is one of the few which will never run out of business and is witnessing innovations day by day.

The makeup artistry is yet an art business that you can start from the comfort of your home and with zero capital. Another option can be offering services to people at doorstep as well, since people can be lazy at times to avail the services.

From girls who are attending a party to brides, looking good is essential for every women. Start off by offering this facility to women in your neighborhood and then wait for clientele to increase by word of mouth or by distributing business cards (a little investment needed here though).Later on you can also train people in your vicinity and earn more business.

 9- Creative Ideas Blogging

Being creative does not mean that you have to be good with arts and crafts only. One can also be expressive with their words as well. If you have different ideas and wish to share your views on different things (can be anything from nature to your thoughts) with words then blogging is best idea to pursue. Although, it is a zero investment business idea it takes time to flourish, since it takes time to grab attention of people and attract a crowd enough to start earning money. But with time and commitment running your own blog which has a quality content will earn you a great profit.

You can blog about anything just from the comfort of your home or you may love to do it while traveling. Do check how to make money with a travel blog.

10- Creative Vlogging

Vlogging is another way of sharing your views and anything interesting with people.  It is a great business idea to pursue for people who are active on social media sites such as Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook since they know how videos work. Even if you are not active on social media you can still start vlogging. All you need is a camera or a good cell phone and some video editing skills (can be easily learned from tutorials).

This is another idea which needs no money to start with, although you can invest in future for better equipment. The key to success in this field is producing a content which is interesting and grabs attention of a wide range of people. This is a great business ideas for those who know the art of creating useful & engaging content for boring industries. And, we all know that it doesn’t take time for a good quality video to reach a good number in views.

Key Takeaway: let your creativity find a whole new world by starting your own business today!