10 Office Cleaning Tips to Ensure Workplace Hygiene & Improve Productivity

Spending so much time at the office can make it feel like a second home; and let’s think about when you want your employees to feel the same. The first and foremost thing is, “just like a second home”, you want it to be clean and organized, and so will your employees want it!And,  if it’s not, you are going to have to deal with unhappy employees, low productivity, falling far behind the organizational goals and ultimately a low performing business. In addition to making employees feel undervalued, just think about the impression it’s going to leave with clients. In order to avoid all this trouble, here are 10 office cleaning tips you shouldn’t waste time implementing.

1- Come Up With A Solid Plan

Given that an office has many corners and dark spaces, it’s very likely that these areas can be missed. However, if you get a plan in place that outlines where everyone needs to clean, all areas will be covered.

2- Get Rid Of The Clutter

Clutter is incredibly dangerous to productivity, and if you want to get rid of it, here is how you go about it.

– Recycle and throw out unnecessary boxes

– Keep kitchenware in the kitchen

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– Regularly remove rubbish from workspaces

According to Adelaide Connect Cleaners there you have three basic steps that help to avoid major distractions.

3- Get A Clear Desk Policy

If something is not needed immediately, it shouldn’t be on the desk. Get employees to work with clean desks as much as possible, which will make it much easier to clean and maintain.

4- Wash The Windows

Windows are important for natural light, but they easily accumulate dirt when not cleaned within regular cycles. Make a point of it to thoroughly wash the windows at least twice a year.

5- Improve Bins At Work Stations

The fact is that garbage bins at the side of workstations can turn into an uncomfortable smell. But if you can’t remove these bins altogether, make sure bags are placed inside. This makes it easier to throw out and maintain.

6- Don’t Forget About The Gadgets

Yes, things like the computer you work on and the phone you use also build up dirt. In fact, they can pick up several germs, which makes a regular cleaning schedule so much more important.

7- Check The Bathrooms

A lot of people use it throughout the day and it’s a high-risk area in terms of hygiene. The bathroom has to be cleaned meticulously and regularly if safety is going to be preserved in the workplace. Plus, these are the areas bacteria and germs target first.

8- Keep Kitchen Area Clean

A simple rule of cleaning up after using utensils or the microwave should be mandatory. Basically, there should never be time for the kitchen to get dirty. Also, food shouldn’t be left on the counters where it can get spoiled. It makes it harder to clean and it really doesn’t smell good.

9- Good-Old Mopping

Keep those floors clean regularly with some good mopping. But remember to put up the necessary warnings and signage, just in case somebody wants to walk on the area and slip.

10- Do An Inspection

Finish things off by walking around and checking whether you notice a difference. Approach the office like a client would then ask yourself if the office is really as clean as it can be?


A Final Thought

Always think about the benefits of a clean and healthy office. For example, your employees won’t have any distractions or problems while being super productive and happy. You’ll make a good impression on your clients, and the business can continue to grow like it should. And if you want to make sure the office stays clean, consider hiring a professional office cleaning company for the job.