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10 Profitable Startup Ideas for Big Cities that Require Minimal Investment

If you live in a big city, thinking about starting your own business is imperative because the economy can turn any time, and you should have an alternate source of income, or just in case if you are not able to continue your job due to any reason, you should have another option. So, if are planning to build your own small-scale business, you need to make sure you are properly prepared.

Starting a business can be exciting and rewarding, but it can also be challenging and time-consuming. Making sure you plan ahead can make all the difference in terms of the smooth-running of the process and in terms of success.

Choice of the right idea matter most when it comes to starting up a successful business and since you plan to start it up with minimal financial input, it is important to do some qualitative research. There are a lot of small business ideas that can do well in big cities, but you cannot do all of them. A good research will allow you to have a list of startup ideas that require minimal financial investment and turns a decent profit very quickly, and by filtering these ideas based on your own preferences, skills, and market demand you can have a clear mind about a business that you can do at its best.

An important consideration before starting up any business in a big city;

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If you are planning to set up a business, you need to think about the resources you will need. This includes everything from premises and equipment through to services and staff and it’s not always the monetary cost that is involved. For instance, when hiring people, you don’t want to take on people who are likely to suffer an injury or cause damage due to substance abuse. So, it’s crucial to test them for drugs before you consider offering them a position. Don’t forget to let your workers test themselves such as a saliva drug test in the future.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best start-up business ideas for big cities that do not require much investment and can return a good profit in short term.

1- Window cleaning: Starting up a window cleaning business is quick and simple. You also don’t need to invest much money at all. You simply need transport and your cleaning materials. Start with small-scale window cleaning service that doesn’t cover tall buildings, and include tall buildings once your business is profitable.

2- Pet sitting service: If you love animals, a pet sitting business in the local area could be ideal. You don’t need business premises or any equipment – all you need is to build a solid reputation. Many people prefer having someone come and look after their pets rather than going to kennels, so you can take advantage of this trend.

3- Mobile hairdresser: Another thing you can do, if you have the necessary training, is set up as a mobile hairdresser. You can earn very good money doing this, and all you need is your hairdressing equipment and transportation. To make your hairdresser business a big success you must have a foolproof hair salon business plan for it.

4- House cleaning business: Another great idea for a start-up is a home cleaning business. You can start out on your own and gradually take on more staff. Again, you need minimal investment for this type of start-up.

5- eBay business: An eBay business is a very popular option, and you can make a great success of your start-up with this. You can sell all sorts of products, and the time it takes to set up is minimal as well. eBay or Amazon affiliates can easily be integrated into any good quality website, or a blog, for instance, check this article on how to better monitize a travel blog.

6- Niche Blogging; If you have a passion for exploring a niche, let it be business, travel, beauty, fashion, cooking or anything that you either know a lot about or else love to know, starting your own niche blog can be a great business. You don’t need to invest a penny, but all your efforts. Start with a free blog and move it to your own dot com when you are earning good!

7- Freelance Photographer; It is probably one of the trendiest businesses now a day. If you love photography, you may already have a good camera, but in case if you do not have one, you can still find a good used camera which will not cost much. The photography business is probably the easiest one to set up.

8- Virtual Assistant; Companies in big cities prefer virtual assistants because they are not permanent employees and companies only need to pay them the price for a job rather than bearing overheads. If you have the experience and can spare a specific time for this you can earn money staying at home. You can always upgrade your skills and then offer your services to a greater company.

9- Real Estate; big cities are always welcoming new people who are looking to rent a home and a big number of homeowners are always looking for tenants. It can be a great business if you are serious and it needs no investment just a great professional circle.

10- Placement Agency; if you are good at building connections, this business literally doesn’t require any investment. All you need is to have connections with decision makers in the organizations. Get connected with job hunters on LinkedIn and help them get a job and take your commission.


All of these business ideas are the ones that can be set up quickly and with very little upfront capital.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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