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10 Reason Why Vanity Phone Numbers are Important

To reach out and communicate with your clients, you have many communication options to choose from. Of these, the vanity numbers stand out. These are basically localized and often toll free telephone numbers which comprise sequences that are easily remembered.

The main purpose of these numbers is to familiarize the target market base with nature and the character of the organization concerned. In the conversations that follow, we are going to examine the major benefits of these numbers.

1- Easier to Recall

For one, these numbers are easier to recall. The reason underlying this is that they contain words which are directly related to the character and purpose of the organization concerned. An organization that deals in flowers, for instance, may have a number thus 1-800-FLOWERS.

Chances of your target market confusing your phone number with that of another company are hence kept to an absolute minimum. In this way, you may be sure that your clients will get you whenever they will so desire to secure your services.

2- Convey Specific Meanings

These numbers and words are not selected randomly. That is because they are designed to uniquely identify one organization from a pool of the many that deal in more or less similar merchandises. It hence follows that they also convey specific meanings.

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For instance, a vanity number that contains 247 in it might imply that the organization concerned operates round-the-clock i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This also goes a long way in shoring up the visibility of the firm concerned.

3- Highly Unique

As has already been hinted, these numbers exist to uniquely identify one firm from another. On account of these, they eliminate any confusions which might ordinarily arise in the course of contacting and securing the services of the firm thereof.

You will find these numbers quite handy if you are desirous of standing out from a pool of many similar service providers. That is because the numbers let your potential clients get to know you easily.

4- Boosts Brand Recognition

Each company packages and sells out its products under some given brand names. These numbers yet again come in to boost your brand and make it more easily recognized. Firms that employ these numbers also tend to become more prestigious.

Anyone who peeks into them will easily identify with the firm they represent as well as the merchandises that the stated firms deal with. This way, they make it possible for your merchandises to be easily recognized.

5- Attracts New Customers

Looking to attract new customers? You have the vanity numbers for your consideration too! These numbers, as we have already stated, are easily recognized by potential clients. They will not really struggle to find and identify your products from a pool.

Further, many customers are attracted by word of mouth rather than the many technical sales and marketing strategies. These numbers have proven to be quite effective in undertaking these word of mouth marketing.

6- Allows for Easy Tracing and Identification

Those good and services which have to be secured from a store or physical address often require that the said premise be easily traced and identified. These numbers also play some vital roles in seeing that these happen smoothly.

Rather than having to flip through your Yellow Pages, all your target market has to do is to memorize your number. Chances are that the exact location and address will be contained therein.

7- Leaves some Lasting Impressions

Vanity numbers also leave some lasting impressions. This stems from a combination of factors and benefits. Among these are the increased reputation, widened customer base, and higher market penetration. They basically drive the understanding of the target market with regards to your firm deeply.

With lasting impressions come the benefit of receiving a constant flow of orders and sales revenues. These have the attendant consequences of guaranteeing that your business shall stay robust and profitable for a longer duration of time.

8- Impacts a Deeper Market Base Conveniently

We started out by saying that these vanity numbers are localized and often toll-free. The combination of these two traits makes then impact a deeper market base more conveniently. People will definitely be willing and eager to call a number they will pay less for.

Then, given their localized use, many people who reside in the same neighborhoods and localities will easily identify with the numbers and the firms they represent. These two end up solidifying the grips that the firm has in that area.

9- Imbues some Professional Appearance

These vanity numbers are free for all. There are no restrictions that govern their adoption and use. However, few firms do realize that. That is why at the moment, only a handful have embraced their use and applications.

The few who have done so are mistaken to be professional and privileged. Many people hence prefer transacting businesses with them as opposed to those who lack them. By adopting the numbers, you join a growing list of those with ‘professional appearances.’

10- Raises the Response and Conversion Rates

Finally, the combination of all the factors above yields higher response and conversion rates. Many clients will easily be eager to reach out to the firm that has them and secure their merchandises.

This, of course, is wholly beneficial to the firms involved. That is because they guarantee a stable inflow of revenues and a firm grip on the market. Your long-term stay in the business is also ensured with the use of these numbers.


You need no further convincing that the vanity phone numbers are beneficial to your business and firm. As a matter of fact, you can never claim to seriously intent on standing tall in your competition in this day and age without incorporating them.

That is why you want to take the earliest opportunity to do just that. All you have to do is pay a visit to your local post office and apply for the same. As always, we wish you all the best in your subsequent search and use of the numbers!

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