10 SEO Tips to Boost Your Commercial Cleaning Business

If you are looking to capitalize on online marketing to grow your commercial cleaning business, SEO is going to be a primary part of your focus. Plainly put, there are various aspects of SEO and some of them are continuously changing.

However, it is possible to focus on just a few of the most vital ones and still enjoy plenty of success. You should know that the more SEO compliant your commercial cleaning website is, the closer you are to the top of Google rankings which should be the ideal position for you. Without further more to do, let’s get started.

On-page SEO

Before you go out trying to incorporate other SEO tips, it is important that you start with what you have complete control over which is your website. There are plenty of tweaks that you can make on your website to make it more SEO friendly and more accessible to your clients.

1- Web design – even though designing a website is now easier, that does not mean that you can ignore the different facets that make any website great. The ideal website should be light, fast loading and easy to read. Also, the website should be responsive and can be viewed easily on different devices like tablets and smartphones without distortion. Your website should also have a contact form where clients can get in touch with you and the images should be optimized and of high quality.

2- Quality content – whether it’s the homepage or other services pages or even the blog, you cannot compromise on the quality of content on the website. Also, you need to make sure that fresh content is uploaded regularly and on schedule to ensure continuous engagement with your clients.

3- Keywords – even though SEO is conglomerate of a lot of things, Keywords are the gel that holds everything together. Without keywords, even if all the other aspects are perfectly executed, it would still be hard to find your commercial cleaning company online. You need to research the most commonly searched keywords at any given time and develop content based on those keywords. It is important to remember that there are regulations on Keyword use and if not followed, you might end up working against yourself.

4- Call to action – you want to give your leads the push to decide to become clients. A call to action always gives them the right shove by telling the customer exactly what you would like them to do.  In most cases, that is to give you a call.

5- ‘’NAP’’ all the pages – there is information that should be easily accessible to your traffic on all the pages. The Name, Address and Phone number should be present on all the pages. You should also make it easy to find information about the location of your business.

Because security is a major concern especially if you will be processing payments or asking clients to open accounts, you need to make sure your site is using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure communication (HTTPS). This will also make clients feel safe about sharing details on the website.

Off-page SEO

Once you have fine-tuned your commercial cleaning website and loaded with content sprinkled with the right keywords for your field, you need to start working on other aspects of SEO that might not be directly applied to your website. In this case, there are quite a few areas that you need to work on but, you should concentrate your efforts on the following.


6- Local listing – you need to list your business with Google. This is a great way for people to find your business easily especially for local clients. If at some point you would like to build backlinks in a specific regional listing, having your business locally listed will also help Google understand which region you are targeting.


7- Build backlinks – clients love working with reliable and trustworthy commercial cleaning services like Storm International. You can also build authority and trust among readers by having other websites insert your links in their content. It might not be an easy task getting other people to link back to your website but, there different methods and tools like SEMrush that can help you find other domains that can link back to your site.

Social media

Social media is an integral part of your SEO strategy. In fact, if you leverage the use of social media properly, you can have an entirely new stream for your traffic with great potential for leads and eventual clients. It is important to create business profiles on different social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The most important tip to consider when working with social media is to understand your audience and share content that is relevant to them. Here are a couple of tips that will be helpful when using social media as an SEO and a marketing tool.

8- Engage constantly – you need to be active. Sporadic posting and responding to messages will work against you. You need to be regular and timely in your posts and also in how you respond to comments and messages from clients.

9- Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes – as much as you might have an iron-clad business plan and a team to ensure the best delivery to clients, sometimes, mistakes can happen and you might be exposed on social media for it. You shouldn’t be afraid to admit mistakes. Admitting mistakes and working to correct them is important especially on social media where it is unlikely that anything goes unnoticed.

10- Respond to negative feedback – one of the greatest mistakes that most commercial cleaning companies do is to ignore or delete negative feedback. You could easily turn a small complaint into an online outrage by deleting the comment. Clients like being heard and knowing that their complaints are being addressed. If you handle the feedback properly, it could end up doing a lot of marketing for you by restoring your online reputation.

By closely following the tips given in these three aspects of SEO, you can easily get your business noticed by more people and increase revenue. It is important to note that with SEO, the results are not instant and it requires a bit of patience and perseverance for your efforts to start paying off.