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10 Tips to Make Monday Super Productive

Almost every one of us happens to see those cat memes every Monday mornings where people are either complaining that it’s Monday, looking for ways to get motivated, or totally overwhelmed because it’s Monday!

Well, Mondays aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; so, the only way to deal the day is to make is the most productive day of the week.

Making your Mondays more productive is important for everyone at work, but it’s a MUST for entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur it’s critical because you are the person solely responsible for running the business.

As a fact of the matter, a productive week starts on Monday and since you are leading your team, you yourself must be the source of motivation for them.

So, if you are ready to start a productive week ahead, here are some tips to help you make your Monday super productive:

1- Plan to be productive:

The first rule of being productive is to have a good plan in hand. Being in charge of so many things, there may come some unexpected work. Having a plan can be life-saver; schedule most important and urgent tasks on top priority and leave flexible time slot for unimportant and non-urgent tasks.

2- Start early:

Starting your day early can help you get more work done. So, ideally, you should practice becoming an early riser. Get up early in the morning and take care of your personal stuff first, i.e. have exercise and breakfast before you start working on the business.

3- Only do what only you can do:

Being an entrepreneur you must be the part of everything that goes around, but if you’re going to do everything, you won’t be able to complete just anything. Know, if there’s someone who can do what you’re doing better or cheaper, just assign it to them. Spend your time on most productive tasks, most preferably the high-end strategic level tasks that bring in more business.

4- Optimize tasks using tools/Automate repetitive tasks:

Even after assigning a lot of tasks to others, you’ll have a big bunch in your account. Let it be the emails only, investors, new prospects and a lot more who only consider a reply authentic when it is from you.

Automating repetitive tasks like automatic payments for bills, auto-ship routine purchases etc. can save a lot of time. Moreover, you can use tools to improve productivity.

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5- Better get done than achieving perfection:

Every entrepreneur strives for excellence because it’s the key to enhance lifecycle of your business, but let’s be realistic. Obsessive perfectionism is nothing but productivity killer. Being a leader with a team behind, you must work on accomplishing ten tasks, rather than perfecting just one.

6- Learn to say no:

Many times, there come non-productive and time-consuming activities, and you feel like saying no will be rude. Remember that, you can distract yourself to a level where you want. So, it’s not bad telling people that you are super serious about getting things done. Believe me, 99% such things can wait for you until you’re done with your focused work.

7- Know the distractions and avoid them:

You cannot simply restrict distractions from happening, but yes, you can avoid them. Checking your inbox every hour, keeping phone notifications on and checking the phone on every beep, random visits to social media and hundreds of other things that we do just by-the-way must be dealt properly. These are major productivity killers; so make sure to schedule only two or three minor time slots for these non-productive things.

8- Work in intervals:

Whether it’s one big task or a series of small tasks, you must give yourself five minutes break every half an hour. Get up from your seat, stretch, have a quick walk and hydrate yourself and you should be super energetic for next interval! Working in intervals doesn’t just give you a break, but also lets you do more in the same time.

9- Evaluate yourself and be realistic:

You must know the fact that, it takes time and practice to master anything, and so is the case with productivity. You may not observe ultimate productivity in a day. So, keep practicing; add good habits, remove the bad ones and keep on improving gradually.

10- Be ready for the next Monday:

Practicing productivity on Monday and then the whole week, you will certainly see a major improvement. You will also realize that earlier planning can make things go smoother, and Friday should be the best way to plan your next Monday!

The Bottom Line:

Remember that if you hate Mondays, it’s either because you believe they’re awful, or you haven’t tried to optimize them yet. Try out the ten tips above and make your Monday and every other weekday super productive!

And yes, do check this article which lists some of the best Monday motivation quotes for your inspiration.

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