10 Tips to Manage Anxiety, Fear & Frustration While Building a Startup

Startups are extremely difficult; so if you’re planning a venture, you must know that there will be challenges coming on each step. Some of the challenges may be predicted but many will be unexpected and may make you anxious, fearful or even frustrated.

You may not be able to avoid the upcoming challenges, but with proper planning you can certainly meet them well. A challenge met well will surely replace anxiety, fear and frustration with joy of accomplishment.

Here I am outlining some important points, considering which you can meet most of the startup challenges well and avoid frustration, anxiety and fear.

avoid fear, anxiety and frustration in business

1-      Create a set of clear goals that you can follow step by step.

2-      Divide your clear goals into small milestones, i.e. small action items, daily/weekly targets etc.

3-      Follow up on your targets regularly.

4-      Feedback is always very helpful. Consider all what your customers are saying or what people in your trusted network are suggesting.

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listen to the feedback

5-      Make corrections on immediate basis; respond to the feedback as early as possibly, delay will cause pain only.

6-      Take calculated risk on experimenting new things. If some experiments fail, don’t just bother about it, as it was an experiment only.

7-      Do not over stress yourself; take small breaks, enjoy the family time, have healthy meals, exercise regularly and keep everything simple!

do not over stress

8-      Must focus on what you are doing and make sure that you are fully engaged. If what you are doing doesn’t engage you or you feel things somewhat of supernatural level, you may not be passionate about your mission.

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9-      Keep distractions to a minimum; when it’s work, it’s just work! Saying ‘no’ to random opportunities is a big plus.

10-   Know the fears and manage them effectively.

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The above 10 are some of the best practices that create an enjoyable mental state, and there can be more options to develop a healthy and productive startup environment. Do check some more related reads to help you battle entrepreneurial stress better.


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