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10 Fantastic Ways to Get Free Real Instagram Likes

How to get free likes on an Instagram post?

Instagram likes to accrue when users individually “like” the content being displayed by an IG post or profile. Anyone looking to use the platform to build an influencer account should be aware of strategies you can use to get more likes on Instagram. It is a vital metric that can provide you with an analysis of your success.

instagram likes

10 Ways to Gather “Free” Instagram Likes

The Instagram algorithm uses likes to dictate who shares their content more easily, who gets shown to a wider audience, and other important factors. The metrics are similar to those of SEO optimization that Google search algorithms use in ranking websites. There are sites that provide the sale of quick Instagram likes. Far from that, this blog discusses ways in which you can gather “free” IG likes. For those of you who were used to buy likes on Instagram all this time, this article’s meant for you:

1. Post When Your Followers are More Active

If you are aiming to increase the number of likes you get on your posts, then you should think again when randomly posting anytime. You should consider your audience’s age group and when they are likely to be more active. For example, if the majority of your followers are college adults and students, you can post in the morning or evening when they are less busy.

You should have researched to know who exactly your audience is. Leoboost company equips you with information on how to know your audience. Your followers should be ideal with a clear interest in your brand. Do not target every user and seek their approval. Some may follow you but never contribute in likes or comments to your feed.

2. Post Consistently

When you determine the most appropriate time to post new content for your audience, it is also essential to maintain consistency when posting. Your loyal followers eventually adapt to your posting time. However, no one will tune in to your feed if they cannot rely on new content showing up daily, weekly, or according to your schedule. Having an irregular posting schedule reduces your chances of gathering a consistent fanbase.

3. Write Attention-Capturing Captions

Quite several users on social media platforms have not yet grasped the importance of including captions in their images and videos. A good caption can bring people to smiles or even tears.

Good short captions can add new context to an image and collect more likes for the content. Everyone prefers short captions, something catchy and quick to read. If it is good enough, the user will surely leave a like on your post.

4. Tag Relevant People and Brands

Tagging other people and brands is a prominent way of promoting your brand to a new audience. You can use this opportunity to capture their attention by uploading some of your best posts with great captions.

However, you do not just tag anyone to attract a lot of attention; use the tagging feature to show how much other brands and people mean to you. In this process, you can share engaging and valuable content that can get you likes, such as funny memes and videos relating to your brand.

5. Take Good High-Quality Photos

free real instagram likes

Instagram, unlike other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, mainly promotes the use of visual content to generate user engagement. You can confirm this by taking a look at some of the best-performing IG accounts. They have a tendency to use very fantastic pictures.

You, therefore, need to work on your photographic and artistic skills. If you do not feel capable of taking fantastic photos, seek the services of professional photographers who can take terrific pictures. Ig users enjoy well-shot photos rather than copied photos that have lost their quality.

6. Use Hashtags Often and Correctly

For users who are well conversant with how Instagram operates, you understand the importance and impact hashtags can have on a post. They are valuable tools you can use to tie all your content jointly. You can include hashtags in your stories, bio, and almost all of your posts.

Hashtags need to be used strategically to have maximum effect. You should first consider high-quality hashtags that do not make you appear desperate or needy. You can get your content to the audience that is interested in your brand or business and, in turn, get more likes on your posts.

7. Like and Comment on Others’ Posts

When you are not working, enjoy Instagram as a platform like a standard user. Like and comment on other peoples’ posts to avoid appearing self-centered before your audience. Your followers and audience value their posts as much as you do yours. Liking and commenting on their posts may make a huge difference in them.

8. Ask for Opinions

Instagram allows you to conduct an informal audience poll where you can gauge your audience’s sentiment and determine the kind of content to post to the next. You can also directly pose a question to your audience in your stories or one of your posts. Opinions from other influencers as well as your audience may help you come up with a strategy to help maximize the number of likes your posts get.

9. Post and Share Content Made by Users

instagram likes

Some of your followers’ posts can be exceedingly attractive and funny to other users. Such posts can surprisingly bring you a huge number of likes. You can show gratitude to your loyal followers by reposting or sharing their content with a wider audience.

10. Keep up With the Trend

In every niche, there are various trends within its social landscape. An example is a well-known holiday approaching where you can arm yourself with content tailored for your audience on that day.

Do not go off course but try to remain as relevant to the brand as possible. If a particular trend does not fit in with your interests or brand, do not hop on every bandwagon that passes by.

Despite Instagram hiding likes from extensions on the platform and even the app itself, they still matter. The only difference is that they no longer appear on posts and profiles. There is now less competition for likes since you cannot see the likes that other people have. Your only focus is on your own.

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