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1000 Angels; Reinventing the Traditional Venture Model

A VC’s job is to take on risk but must measure, evaluate and try to minimize risk. The risk evaluation process may vary depending on the type of fund and the individual making the investment decisions, but at the day end they have to take the minimum possible risk while producing big returns from their investments.

Did you know that about two-thirds of venture funds underperform the market?

It happens not because of improper financial analysis, but the fact that operational capabilities of the venture determine its success and a VC must also be able to analyze this aspect.

It’s essential for an entrepreneur to have the ability to recognize significant challenges and immediately identify the strategic imperatives necessary to address, survive, surpass, and thrive despite them. And for a VC it’s essential to find such startups!

Since startups market is volatile, investing little at the beginning and then moving with the large amount seems a win-win, but traditional venture funds typically require a minimum $250K capital commitment, with little visibility as to timing of capital calls.

So, it’s time to join the world’s largest digital-first, invitation-only investor network 1000 Angels; that allows you to build a venture portfolio free of management fees, carried interest, or large capital commitments.

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So, invest as much or as little as you want, when you want, you decide. With a flat annual fee, get rid of that 2% annual fee on committed capital and 20% carried interest on your gains that a traditional venture fund charges you.

1000 Angels in Their Own Words:

1000 Angels is a tight-knit community where members enjoy access to exclusive conferences and events in the tech world and have the opportunity to meet like-minded people locally at our private investor demo days and dinners and internationally at our VIP events.

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Our members have access to some of the most sought after early-stage investment opportunities in the world. All of the companies invited to raise capital on our platform have been through a rigorous vetting process with our investment team, and all of our selected founders have a vision to build high-growth, scalable businesses.

What Brings 1000 Angels to the Spotlight:

Reinventing the traditional venture model by providing members with the ability to create their own venture portfolios from a constantly updated selection of high quality, exclusive investment opportunities in some of the most exciting high-growth, early-stage companies in the world.

1000 Angels Website: https://www.1000angels.com/

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