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Keeping a track of newly launched startups is very important if you have something to pitch to them. Startups need advice, training and a lot of stuff to get done by outside experts. This is where the marketers, designers, programmers, business developers and many other experts can find opportunities.

Hundreds of startups are launched daily through various startup platforms and they all have opportunities for experts. However, finding newly launched startups is a time consuming task. Knowing that, 100Startups has got a solution! They track all newly launched startups for you and update their list daily. So you get fresh leads every day!

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Tested on PromoteHour with a CTR of 45% and ROI of 400%, 100Startups seems to be a highly effective marketing channel for businesses working with startups!

It should be more effective than pre-build lead services, because most of them have older data and unverified contacts. 100Startups have fresh data of young startups who are very much interested in taking their business to the next level and so actively looking for experts!

You receive almost 1500+ fresh leads per month with verified contact info for $99. List is shared via Dropbox and they offer 100% money back guarantee, so you can try it with confidence!

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100Startups in Their Own Words:

Direct sales is a proven marketing channel but most of the startups do not have access to good leads. At the same time, everyday 100+ new startups are launched who can be great prospects for any business. But collecting contact info of such startups can be time consuming task. 100Startups helps startups by filtering the good ones and providing their contact info.

100Startups track all those sites, filter the right ones for you and send you their information with verified contact info.

What Brings 100Startups to the Spotlight:

It provides fresh, high quality leads!

100Startups Website: https://100startups.io