11 Common Challenges of Setting up a Home Office & How to Meet Them

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Starting a business from home is awesome idea, not just for moms and dads but for everyone else who is looking for flexibility and work-life balance.  But, it’s not challenge free zone!

In fact, home businesses have their own set of challenges which at times may go beyond control if not identified and dealt on time. Ideally, you must know the common challenges that people face while starting their home business and avoid all such.

This article will discuss the major mistakes and the challenges of starting a business from home. Here goes the list:

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1- Boredom & Loneliness

Well, it stands as the number one issue of people who work at home. Mainly, they are not prepared for the isolated working environment and end up frustrated. The best way to deal such situation is to take time away from your home office, i.e. face-to-face meetings, lunch, networking events etc.

2- Working Too Much

It is another big issue. At times you are so excited about your business that keeping a 24-7 work schedule sounds very good. But that’s how you’re going to overheat yourself! Do take some time for other stuff, i.e. exercise, entertainment, socializing etc.

3- Interruptions

As a fact of the matter, interruptions are very common in home business. It’s not bad to take a phone call or two from family and friends, but continuous disturbances will get you out of focus. Turn your personal phone silent during office hours!

4- No Time for Household Tasks

Further there’re some other unavoidable tasks, i.e. cooking, laundry, cleaning, childcare etc. which must be managed effectively. You can either hire a maid or else specify time slots for all these tasks.

5- Unavailability of Timely Advice

You may be depending too much on your loved ones and so discuss your business issues with them for a good advice. But they might not be the right people to take advice. Better is to connect with the experts and take all your business related issue there!

6- Dedicated Work Space

If you are planning for home business and do not have a separate work area, it’s going to kill your business right from the roots. Even if you live in a small house, set aside a space reserved almost entirely for work.

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7- Managing Employees

If you have employees in your home business, you may be risking damage to your home if you don’t establish rules for how employees should behave there. Create proper employee rules and ensure that they follow the same.

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8- Going Unplanned

Some people misunderstand home business with plan-less days which is not just the major factor for failure but will also make your personal life disturbed. No matter how big or small business you are operating from home, you must have your everyday planned, i.e. from business plan to daily action plan every item should be readily available.

9- Low Productivity

Some people think that they can be productive with the tuned in TV, and that’s a big distraction among all others.  Just “tune out” the plasma screen on the wall and better is not to hang it anywhere near where you’ll be working.

10- Inadequate storage

Many times the you may mix up your business related items with personal ones. So, make sure to have certain storage space especially for business items.

11- Inefficient Equipment

Some people choose the low and inefficient equipment to save the costs, but actually that just slows down the business process and you may end up closing it. Do invest in high quality equipment.

I hope, the above list will be helpful for you in setting up a productive home office environment!

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