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11 No Cost Small Business Ideas that You Can Start Right from Your Bedroom

Setting up your own small business can be a hectic and expensive as there are a lot of overhead costs that can accumulate into a big account, i.e. cost of premises, equipment, furniture & fixture, products, and so on. And, this is just a start, as you start operations, a lot of other runtime expenses have also to be met, i.e. energy, travel cost, salaries etc.

That’s a point when you are truly convinced that you do need a lot of money to make money. But let me tell you that you always do not need a lot of money to make money. If you have skills, you can make money without any investment, and just by using the resources you currently have. It is certainly possible to become a business owner without having to pay for the costly overheads and a lot of running expenses.

This article will discuss 11 highly profitable small business ideas that you can start right from the corner of your bedroom or a small spare room in your house. And the best thing is that you do not need any money, i.e. these are almost no cost business ideas.

Here goes the list;

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1- Web Designing;

This business may not be for everyone, but every web designer who is currently employed in a big or small company should have a part-time business too. All you need to have is an impressive portfolio. Offer something unique, i.e. either a low-cost design or some addons in the beginning and you will get a good clientele through word of mouth. Here’s a quick guide on winning your first project on freelancing websites.

2- Web Development;

Just like web designers, the software developers should also consider freelancing business and should turn it into a proper company if it’s going well!

3- Online Marketing Consultant;

Whether you are an online marketer or a traditional marketing executive, you must think of cashing your expertise in a business other than your current job. Starting your online marketing company is quite simple, yet requires a lot of hard work and expertise! In case if you are not an online marketer, you can still offer your expertise for marketing strategy development and marketing plans online.

4- Content Development;

If you are someone with a great love for content, you must start your own content development firm which offers writing services of various kinds, i.e. detailed articles, blog posts, research reports etc. If you know how the online marketing works, you may add up content marketing for B2B and B2C brands in your offers too.

5- Bookkeeping;

If you are a fresh accounting grad or an accounting executive with at least one year of experience, you can start your own bookkeeping firm. Find new startups and pitch them your service. Startups are more likely to opt for a bookkeeping service because most of them cannot afford a full-time accountant and outsourcing is a better option for them.

6- Virtual Assistant Business;

virtual assistants are much in demand not just for startups, but also for senior executives employed in big firms. If you are good at data entry, WordPress, web search, and similar tasks, you can make good money without any investment. Yes, you do need a computer and internet connection. Here you can find a guide to start a part time VA business and turn it into full time.

7- Translation Service;

If you know more than one languages, starting your own translation service can be a great idea. You can start it online and it doesn’t require any investment at all. Keeping up to date and fast delivery is the key to success in such kind of businesses, so you might be interested in using a tool like SDL for translations.

8- HR Services Business;

If you have experience of working in a recruitment agency or an HR department of a big or small company, you can start your own HR company right from your bedroom. All you need to have is a computer, a phone line, and an internet connection. And yes, you might invest in a good HR software when you plan to take your business to the next level.

9- Career Consultant;

More and more students are concerned about career choices but a lot of them cannot afford counseling fees. Starting an online career consultancy through Skype or a blog can be a great way to save their costs and make your profits. You don’t need to setup a big office. Just turn a corner of your bedroom into office and start it up!

10- Online Trading;

You might be thinking that you do need to go out to purchase inventory, but let me tell you can trade online without going out of your room even. Online trading is mostly considered as Forex trading business, but there are tons of opportunities besides this. Build a website, and have products from the merchants that offer dropshipping. Market products and the orders will be shipped directly from the merchant’s warehouse. You may want to explore what to import from China and what not to import.

11- Blogging;

You even don’t need to get out of your bed to start blogging. I mean, just in case if you live in the coldest city and don’t feel like getting out of bed, you can still be working and making money. But yes, you do need to do a lot of smart work and efforts to keep your blog going good.

12- Social Media Consultant;

(Bonus Idea)

You might not consider yourself as an online marketer because you don’t have hands on SEO and PPC, but you are a social media guru who know what works best at Facebook and what’s not so good for LinkedIn marketing. Being a social media consultant is your way to go and you don’t need an office or don’t need to travel, just do it right from a corner of your room.

The above small business ideas are great to start without any investment and hassle, but remember that no business in the world is easy to do. You need to incur a lot of hard and smart work to make your business do well.

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