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14 Ways to Boost Confidence As an Entrepreneur

Confidence is one of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs. They are confident because they believe in themselves, and it’s not the success that makes them confident.

Confidence plays vital role in many aspects of entrepreneur’s life, i.e. in raising funds, hiring the best talent, growing customer base, building user trust etc.

Well, for some people confidence is in their personality, while others can build confidence as an entrepreneur in some simple yet consistent steps. Here I am going to discuss all those simple ways which can help you build confidence as an entrepreneur.

how to boost confidence as an entrepreneur

1- Know Yourself:

True confidence has its roots in the reality; so to grow confidence as an entrepreneur you must perform, an honest and accurate self-assessment and know your abilities. Know your entrepreneurial drive!

2- Do the SWOT Analysis & Plan Accordingly:

The self-assessment will reveal your weaknesses and strengths; now give them a detailed look. Only a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses helps you plan well. Then, plan for strengthening the skills you are weak at. Never ignore your weaknesses or pretend that they’re strengths.

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3- Learn to Say No:

A research at University of California in San Francisco revealed that difficulty in saying no leads people to experience stress, burnout, and even depression, all of which erode confidence. Confidence means to say no in healthy and positive note, whether you have to respond to a customer or the investor.

4- Clear Communication with Investors:

A troubled relationship with the investor can destroy even the most talented person’s confidence. So you must set a limit to their interference in business and make sure the regulations are followed.

5- Compete With Yourself:

Confident people tend to challenge themselves and compete; take your competitors as a challenge and if you happen to take a lead compete with your own best effort. This will keep you more motivated and will bring more confidence.

how to boost confidence as an entrepreneur 2

6- Acknowledge and Celebrate Small Victories:

At times a big effort yield small victory only; but this also needs to be celebrated. A series of small victories will boost your confidence in long run.

7- Know the Difference of Being Assertive & Aggressive:

At times, aggressiveness is misunderstood as confidence! But, in actual, it’s bullying. Being aggressive is very obvious when you’re insecure. Practice asserting yourself without getting aggressive and remember that you will never be confident unless you keep your insecurities at bay.

8- Meet Confident People & Learn the Body Language:

Not necessarily to look out for entrepreneurs; we happen to meet confident people from various industries on regular basis. Just take the opportunity to observe their body language. Let them speak more and listen to them carefully. Observe and modify your body language accordingly because confidence is always seen from the body language!

9- Take the Action:

Nothing builds confidence like taking action; especially when it involves risk and failure. Never be afraid of failure and do take actions with calculated risk! The more actions you take, the more confidence comes in!

10- Eat Healthy:

Junk and unhealthy food, eating more, skipping meals and all other unhealthy eating habits will first malfunction your digestive system and then your brain. Eat healthy on time to get your stomach and mind in order. The more organized your brain is the more confident you are!

11- Recharge Your Body with Some Workout:

At times, when your body and mind are not synchronized, you need a break to get moving. Exercising twice a week will not just refresh your mind, but will also pour in some more confidence.

12- Dress Well:

Did you know that the attire has huge effect on how people see us? Let it be the color, cut or style and even accessories speak out loud about us! Researches show that people speak differently when they’re dressed up formally as compared to when they’re dressed casually. To boost your confidence, dress well yet being comfortable.

how to boost confidence as an entrepreneur 1

13- Meditate:

The brain produces positive effects after meditation and they stay longer. Researches show that meditation not only changes the brain, and helps you de stress yourself, but it can also change perception and feelings as well as supporting confidence building.

14- Find a Mentor:

Talking to an expert for 30 minutes is worth more than reading for 30 hours. A talented and experienced person showing you the way to success can help educate you with those unwritten rules that have just been derived out of your particular situation. of how to get things done in your workplace is a great confidence booster.

Your confidence is your own to develop or undermine. It’s based on reality, starts with hoping for the best! Keep on learning and sharing your experiences to make better use of the power of true confidence.

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