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15 Ideas to Get Huge PR for Your Startup in $100 or Less

One thing which is common in all startups is a tight budget. Many consider it a limited opportunity, while others make the best use of available funds using their creativity. Using your startup marketing funds creatively is actually the key to get the multiplier effect.

I lately talked to tens of such startup guys, who wisely used their limited marketing budget and received huge PR for their startups under $100. Some of the ideas will even not cost a single penny if you execute them rightly.

huge pr in or under 100 dollar

While reading these lines, I assume, you are ready to spend $100 for your startup PR, so get ready to know some of the successful campaign ideas.

1- Buy 20 strangers a coffee: ask them to use your product and spread a word about their experience over Social Media.

2- Partner with a local coffeehouse; organize and shoot a discussion on the problem and how your product solves it. Now promote the video on your Social profiles as well as on those of the coffeehouse.

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3- Partner with another coffeehouse and do the same for the next event.

4- Dine in with an influential blogger; show them your product and request them to write about the problem you are solving and a quick mention of your product.

5- Host a free event (focusing the problem) in your area or even in your office, host an event and get the product used by the visitors and get their views with a mention about your product shared on the social media right away.

6- Get a great article written by a professional writer and get it published on a leading industry blog/magazine with huge readership. Do not forget to mention your product within.

7- Organize a contest and giveaway your products as prize. Contest marketing requires proper planning and an action plan.

8- Attend a relevant event; have your brand identity printed on the laptop/notebook cover and other accessories. Do not forget to exchange business cards.

9- Be a speaker in an event that discusses the problems around which you have developed the product.

10- Buy a cool costume and distribute your flyers in a huge event.

11- Get your product/business ad printed on your car.

12- While conducting a seminar or speaking at any other event, do use the projector and make sure to have the marketing message within your slides or at least your desktop background!

13- Giveaway free review copies to the industry influencers, and also to the target audience under limited time offer.

14- Get your business associated with a cause/charity and have your virtual physical presence in the events. Giving back to the society is a great way to build trust.

15- Do not forget to party; invite your friends to a theme party and make it mandatory for them to bring a friend who’s not the mutual friend.

Well, there can be hundreds of ideas to save costs and make your product/service go viral; The whole thing is how well you pitch the benefits to the segmented audience.

At times, we are short of ideas and a single clue can open multiple new doors. I hope the above 15 ideas will open doors to hundreds of new ideas for effective startup PR.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.