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15 Low Cost Home Based Business Ideas for Extroverts

It is not always about having the perfect expertise and skills to start a business, undoubtedly they are important, but choosing the right kind of business that resonates with your personality is also crucial.

There are people who prefer jobs which will confine them to their workstation and there are people who love socializing with people during their work, actually that is what energizes them and these kind of people are called extroverts. Most of the times they are the life of the workplace and are found actively participating in discussions and problem solving. Their productivity is increased when they are working in a team and confining these kind of people to boring desk jobs is actually unfair with their creative and outgoing personality.

If you enjoy being around people and found the above paragraph relatable to you then you are probably an extrovert. Thinking of starting your own business, but on a limited budget? Luckily, for you there are numerous of low cost business ideas which give you the opportunity to interact with people and be yourself.

1- Child Care Service:

This idea is for people who are good with children, since it’s a bit tricky thing to look after infants and requires patience as well. You can start from a couple of rooms in your house and then expand it as your business increases. You may need the help of an assistant as well. You earning in this business totally depends on how many services you are willing to offer whether you will only look after for a few hours with parents bringing the belonging of children or you can offer to look for a longer period of time as well with supplies from your side as well. Another option is to give your child care services at the doorstep of your customers, i.e. nanny on demand. In some states you may start freely, but in most of the cases, you must obtain a license as a top priority. Since, every state has different childcare business requirements plus it will help the customer in trusting you more, so check your local laws, know all things required to start a childcare business and proceed accordingly.

2- Senior Care Service:

This business idea can be truly recession-proof if done rightly; since folks still get older and need help regardless of whether the economy is booming or in recession. All you need is a reliable vehicle and a cellphone to stay on call for your customers. No special skills are required you just need to be patient and compassionate for the elderly people. You have the options of starting an elder café/library/members’ club at your home or you can rent a place as well and turn it into a senior citizen community center. It all depends on how creative you can be and how much you are willing to invest.

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In recent researches it is evident that when elders are in company of kinds and young people they feel much better, this leads to a new option of having an ‘elder + child care’. This may require a little extra investment in terms of assistance and equipment.

3- Kids’ Club:

Starting a kids club another idea but creative one for people who enjoy the company of toddlers. Decide a theme and plan learning activities and arrange playing area relating with the theme. This may require a little extra investment in terms of designing the place according to the theme, but it will bring you more customers since parents will look at this as a place where their kid can spent time as well as learn and make new friends. Having a soft playing are, a swimming pool or some costume competition can make the experience for kids more entertaining and engaging. Again, don’t forget to have your services licensed since every region has different policies for childcare.

4- Pet Spa: 

People in big cities are really particular about their pets as well. Many people treat them like their kids so they would appreciate same sort of services for their pets as for themselves. But for this business you need to have a passion for animals and knowledge as well how treat each kind of pet. This may also require some training as well as assistance to keep the business running. You can add stuff to increase your sales such as, like pet food, toys and care equipment. This business can be started in the house initially if you have ample space and can then be extended to a special outlet as your business increases.

5- Arts & Crafts Workshops:

This idea may seems like the one for introvert people but it’s actually converse. If you are good at something be it a jewelry making, poster designing, painting, calligraphy, knitting or any other skill, you can start giving its workshops to people and earn money without any investment. Having a professional diploma in the art you will be teaching will no doubt help you grab more people, but don’t worry, you can compensate for that by uploading a portfolio of your best work.  Best thing is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, without any assistance.

6- Wedding Planner & Organizer:

Wedding planners have a lot of flexibility in their work schedule. It is a career that can be easily managed as a side business as well with the help of some assistance. Majority of the work is done over the telephone, and appointments at churches, reception venues, and with the bride usually can be scheduled at convenient times.

However, being present at the weddings to ensure that everything is under control and to calm the nervous couple means that wedding planners will have to work on weekends and evenings as well. Apart from that it is a business ideas which helps you use your creativity to good use.

7- Event Planning & Management:

This is another business idea where your creative, socializing and management skills are put to good use. However, an additional skill of arranging the best for your customers in a limited budget may also be needed. You can offer your services in a variety of events or you can focus on some particular to start with, then with time you can extend your services. It also depends on your experience and expertise.

8- Music Tutoring:

You earn the most from the work you love to do. If you are passionate about music then start teaching it. Having a diploma or some professional certification will firstly, get you more expertise plus it will help your customers trust you more. It is a business idea with actually no investment. Since you only need to have the instrument (which you will eventually have), you can start this business from your home as well or you can also offer your services at the doorstep of your customer.

 9- Dance Coaching:

Starting a dance studio is actually fun and rewarding at the same time. It is another no investment business idea since you can start it right away from the comfort of your home if you have an adequate space for coaching. You can share about your coaching center on social media sites and wait for the people in neighborhood to knock your door. Teaching how to dance also keeps you fit since this activity is also a kind of exercise which require stamina. This business idea also offers flexibility of coaching in your convenient time. Lastly, having a professional degree or accolade will help you increase your clientele.

10- Personal Trainer/Home Gym:

Nowadays people are really particular about their fitness and wellbeing. If you are also one of the fitness enthusiast then this business idea is for you. The market for fitness training is vast, and it comprises of people from all age groups, body types and goals. Along with knowledge and experience in personal training, you should have good people skills to motivate your clients, as well as empathize with the challenges they can face.

Having a certification of major authority will be really beneficial for your clientele. When it comes to equipment it depends on the kind of services you are willing to offer. You can start it at your home or you can also give personalized session to your clients at their house as well.

11- Used Stuff Garage Sale Organizer:

Do you have a garage at home which isn’t used for anything in special? Time to put the place to productive use. No need to worry if you don’t have one, the garage of your neighbor can always be rented. No special skills required to start this business. However, this idea takes little more time to settle and flourish, since it’s not always easy to collect used stuff from people and then sell them again in presentable manner. This activity has a lot of potential to use your creativity as well. You can advertise about it on local community boards or spread the word among your neighborhood.

12- Guest House/Bed & Breakfast Business:

If you have a spare room at home, its time you earn some extra bucks from it by turning it into a vacation rental business. You may need just a little investment to make the room more presentable for the customer. Proper hotels cost a lot for one night stay by offering your services at reasonable prices you can earn great profits. Adding the services of one meal will make your earn a little extra a well.

13- Cooking Instructor:

A passion for cooking along with the desire to share that knowledge can help you run a great profitable business. You can target a great range of audience for your business, from teenage girls to working ladies. Moreover you can also, confine your teaching to specific cuisine or techniques. All depends on how much time you are willing to spend for coaching.

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This business idea may require some investment for the equipment to turn your home kitchen into commercial kitchen, i.e. such as oven, utensils, supplies etc. Alternatively, you may want to rent a commercial kitchen, but in any case, it is one time so it will be easily recoverable really soon.

14- Makeup Artist:

The makeup artist business is one of those ideas which yields profits occasionally. But it is one of those which yields you great money in a short span of time. Moreover it also needs one time investment to buy the makeup and some equipment which can be used for a really long time until the next batch of supplies is needed. You can start this business from your home as well or you can offer at-your-home service as well. With professionalism and expertise you can increase your clientele very quickly. Don’t forget to post your best work on Instagram or Facebook to increase your fan following. Moreover you can also publish tutorials for basic makeup looks as well.

15- Public Speaker/Motivational Speaker:

Being an extrovert means you have the capability of speaking in front of the crowd without being nervous. Luckily, you can use that talent to motivate large audiences with public speaking. People are interested in having coaching session from motivation to how to overcome stress. You can start speaking on a particular topic and then can expand your session topics to other areas as well with time and experience. Question is how you earn money from that, there are numerous such agencies which hire speakers. You can also start with giving sessions on a few events arranged by your friends or colleagues. Once people know how good you are they will contact you themselves. Lastly, there are special coaching classes to be better at this, you can avail that as well.

Key Takeaway:

If you are an extrovert and love meeting new people, you may start any of the above business ideas or mix a few together to start your own unique business.

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