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20 Awesome Marketing Ideas to Boost your Small Business

Marketing is considered to be the soul of any business. If you switch on to marketing with the help of proper segmentation and techniques, you will achieve your goal.

Now, suppose you are going to start up a small business or you have already possessed one, but small bucks belong to you.

How should you proceed then?

Are you thinking that you have gone misguided by your aim? Are you in a puzzle that you should borrow money from someone for raising a big fund for your business?

And by doing so, hazards for extra expenses are invited to your life. Is it? Don’t go thus because marketing is not the expense but look upon it as the investment for growing your business up.

Ever so you will get involved in proper marketing, so much you will march forward sales and benefits for your products or services.

Here are 20 marketing tips and ideas which will be very helpful for going ahead in small business.

1- Meditate on your products or services

First, try to concentrate on what you desire to start with because the type of products or services matters much in marketing. Aim at something unique and fresh that would easily arrest the attention of the customers.

If you are in a crisis, you should click on to something that would suit to your budget; at the same time, you should keep in mind how much you are in need of manpower.

2- Think global, act local

At the time of proceeding towards a new venture, the global atmosphere should be kept in mind. We are in the digital era, and our products or services can easily draw global audiences by meeting their needs and demands.

You may keep your eyes to the business tabloids, television, and obviously internet. You can also gather details from your friends and dear and near ones who are reliable with knowledge in the particular field.


3- Be dedicated to your aim

The motto of any work is the sincerity towards it. If we do something that we love to do, it would add to the charm of the work.

We should be honest to our efforts. We dream of new projects, but dreams come to reality only by iron-determination and strong efforts, otherwise all our dreams would go in vain!

4- Spread your business in your local area first

Go for the publicity of your concept in your local area first. You can opt for the main public places such like, railway station, bus-stop, cinema halls, hospitals, educational institutes, parks etc. in front of which, you can catch the attention of people.

Approach so that they can get stuck to your engaging advertising– they can feel interested at least once to have a glance at your facts.

You can distribute leaflets. If possible, communicate with your friends and relatives on telephone or in person; try to make them understand what you aim at.

It may occur that they would help you to build the ground for marketing. Arrange for meeting with the persons of your acquaintances; reach them in their off-period.

5- Market Selection

Try to go for the area where consumers crave for such products or services. Segment the market according to age, sex, class, education, and financial capacity of the consumers.

Prioritize your target-market by arranging up from the most suitable to the least for your products or services, although digital marketing paves the way to success for ideal marketing system.


6- Social Media Marketing

Create your business profile on social media like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Delicious etc. where you can promote your business through proper networking system.

You can upload images suitable for your business. People may follow the relevant links you post for your business.

7- Email Marketing

Collect email addresses of the persons of your acquaintances. It would be very comfortable for you if you can build up a personal website, where you can arrange for the free subscription of e-newsletter on weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or yearly basis.

There are many better email marketing tools that can help you in collecting email addresses & make your email follow-ups automatic. I personally use Aweber & I can say, its great.

Make your website visible on your social networking profiles. Announce the trial pack offers, discounts, and free packages etc. and add the required details such like product description, benefits, and anything essential for branding, which would help you in increasing the demands as well as making the product well-acquainted to the viewers.

8- Product Life Cycle and Pricing

Pricing cannot be the same during the whole life time of your product or service. You should keep your eyes to other markets for maintaining the balance with your product or service; there can be the fluctuation in doing this.

And you should have to build up a good reason for this so that customers’ attention cannot be diverted from the product.

On the whole, if you want to stick to your position, you should maintain the goodwill of your company or brand. At the same time, keep up the balance between the manufacturing and the sale cost.


9- Proceed with grants & awards

You can energize your small business career by applying for the various business grants & awards to solve your financial problems as well as credibility.

It can establish the fact that you are a company or a brand. Moreover, it would help you in doubling the rates and position for your company as well as grow publicity.

10- Be innovative

Modify your existing product or service with newer look. Remember time is a great factor. You should arrange for your presentation-style so that it can be time-friendly, easy to comprehend, and digitally oriented.

Many people now prefer to have a look at the products digitally. But, do not state anything fake about your brand.

11- Post ads

There are several websites which allow us to post ad for free- whether for sale or purchase. You can use these sites. It will save your pocket.

Usage of regional columns of leading national newspapers would allow you to have a broad space for your advertising purpose, although it may cause a little expenditure. You may also put ads on radio, television, movie ads, and community bulletin ads etc.

To cut off the ad cost, it is recommended to reduce the size of your ad content.

12- Direct Communication

More people can be drawn by direct mailing through letters and brochures. You can earn a large traffic by arranging for meetings and group discussions as well as customer referral programs.

You know a five minutes’ product description would serve a lot. So, communication matters much especially when you look for face-to-face meeting.


13- Smart Wording

Usage of words in your ads is another factor in marketing of your brand. Always attempt to use precise and smart words which would motivate people.

If you have no expertise, don’t worry. You may involve professional writers or editors in your business; they would help you a lot.

14- Logo and Tag-line

Build your own logo that should be exclusively designed particularly for your brand, e.g. any specific colour or tag-line that would signify your brand.

This can be used while posting your ad which would help you to establish your identity in front of the viewers.

15- Customer Orientation

Customers always expect something more than they are promised. So, keep this in your mind while posting your ads as well as manufacturing or preparing for the product or service.

16- Donate product for charity

You can arrange for giving away your product or service free of cost in some charity which would serve as prizes. It would be a great idea for marketing your brand.

17- Free Seminars

You can organize free seminars in the educational institutes or the relevant organizations; these seminars would contribute a lot in marketing. Charts and diagrams can be used for successful seminars. So, if you are basic-lined painter, it would be a plus for you.

18- Writing for advertising

If you can write, you can compose a little on your product or service and deliver it to the related magazine or website. Post the link to your work on your social networking pages, and people would get an outline of your brand.

19- Build circle

Get involved with persons and organizations who and which are related to your field. You may have useful information or tips from them. Sometimes, it may occur that they can transfer their overloads to you.

But, do not make them realize that you prove to be harmful for them. You just have to make them feel that you intend to relieve them a little bit. That’s all and nothing else!

getting startup team along

20- Team making

Organize your group in a balanced mode. Arrange for weekly or monthly meetings so that you can build the unity among your co-workers as well as they can become conscious of manufacturing or preparing, channelling, strategies, pricing, and so on.

In a word, strictly avoid employer-employee relationship; instead, maintain a friendly atmosphere.

Finally, keep your spirit up and cheers!

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