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20 Social Media Marketing Tasks Startups Should Outsource for Better ROI

With the growth of internet users and the hyper activity over social media platforms, it’s a must for any startup to have a significant presence over particular social media platforms.

However, to make your social media presence significant enough, you need to work literally hard. Even if you focus just 3 social media platforms, there’s immense load of work to keep the audience engaged and entertained while making sure that your true brand is being represented!

Every day, the social media marketing is becoming more challenging for businesses and especially for startups. The biggest challenges among all is to curate the content you plan to share. It may take tens of hours, simply to find good, relevant articles that your audience will benefit from. In that case, you do need a helping hand. Don’t worry if you cannot hire a full time social media team for your startup; outsourcing can work great.


But wait, you must not outsource your social media completely; rather, know the tasks that don’t require an immense amount of experience. You can get all these done by a virtual assistant with minimal supervision.

Here’s a list of social media marketing tasks that can possibly be outsourced:

1- Sending, managing and approving friend or follow requests.

2- Inviting followers to attend events, participate in a quiz, poll or take any other action.

3- Sending out personalized birthday greetings to specific accounts.

4- Sharing content from your blog across all social media accounts.

5- Finding and editing images to use in posts.

6- Finding sources for content curation.

7- Curating quality content from relevant sources.

8- Posting and scheduling posts across all social platforms.

9- Keeping track of brand mentions.

10- Uploading new videos to YouTube.

11- Creating questionnaires and surveys.

12- Engaging with friends and followers.

13- Replying to generic queries of followers.

14- Ensuring all profiles are updated on a consistent basis.

15- Sending out welcome messages and thank-yous to new followers.

16- Commenting, retweeting, and interacting with interesting content.

17- Designing and occasionally redesigning profiles.

18- Reaching out to influencers in your industry.

19- Extracting reports and performing basic analysis of reach, engagement etc.

20- Monitoring social media trends and online reputation and keeping the updates on record.


As a fact of the matter, outsourcing does have some risks, i.e. hiring the wrong person, poor work standards etc. But all these risks are minimized when you keep the social media strategy in your own hand and outsource only less risky tasks.

By outsourcing the above 20 tasks, I am sure, you will save yourself not just from the workload, but also from the risks of outsourcing too.

And yes, you do have enough time to make more of strategic moves not just for improving your social media marketing but overall business growth!

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