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20 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Must Follow

Knowing a lot about business is not enough to do business and be successful. Being an entrepreneur you need a lot more, i.e. expert advice, ongoing motivation, positive examples, inspirations and all what takes you to the next level.

Surrounding yourself with dreamers who are positive thinkers, experienced in their industry, enthusiastic problem solvers, and above all are successful in their field is a great way to catch some motivation and seek advice at once.

Surround yourself with successful people, if you want to be successful!

Well, once, it was a difficult concern to get connected to desired people, but not now. Social Media has made it easier than ever to surround yourself with the people you want to.

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However, when it comes to get connected to high profile successful people whom you don’t know in person, Facebook and Linkedin may not let you connect with them that easily, as there is connection restriction,  but a simple follow on Twitter can enable you to get updates from them right away!

top 20 twitter profiles for entrepreneurs

So, take advantage of twitter, follow these top 20 successful people from Business, Tech, Marketing and Growth sectors and catch daily dose of motivation and expert advice from them. It will work great even if you check your account once a while!

Here goes the list to follow:

1- @GuyKawasaki

guy kawasaki twitter profile

2- @richardbranson

richard branson twitter profile

3- @ES_Entrepreneur

Emma Sinclair twitter profile

4- @dharmesh

dharmesh shah twitter profile

5- @StartupPro

martin zwilling twitter profile

6- @tferriss

tim ferriss twitter profile

7- @martinvars

martin varsavsky twitter profile

8- @timoreilly

tim oreilly twitter profile

9- @BobHutchins

bob hutchins twitter profile

10- @BrianTracy

brian tracy twitter profile

11- @MarketingProfs

ann handley

12- @chrisbrogan

chris brogan twitter profile

13- @dmscott

david meerman scott twitter profile

14- @dannysullivan

danny sullivan twitter profile

15- @ThisIsSethsBlog

seth godin twitter profile

16- @Pistachio

laura fitton twitter profile

17- @randfish

rand fishkin twitter profile

18- @DallasInbound

scott batadell twitter profile

19- @mvolpe

mike volpe twitter profile

20- @Startupguysnet

By the time you are reading these lines, you may find it worth considering to follow over Twitter too!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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