best business isps in the midwestern usa

2018’s Best Business ISPs in the Midwestern United States

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Home to many famous landmarks, the Midwest region of USA is often referred to as American’s Heartland. The twelve states which come under this region on the map are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Because of expansive farmlands many major crops are grown in abundance here, making it a really good region for agricultural business.

Moreover, being home to many tourists spots and happening lifestyle this area has a lot of potential for business in tourism as well. Nevertheless, every business, needs an efficient mode of communication which is reasonable as well, to work smoothly.

best business isps in the midwestern usa

A Brief Overview of ISPs in the Midwestern United States

Internet Service Providers play a very important role in providing an interruption free Internet connection. Throughout the Midwestern region there are numerous ISPs each with their own different market. For instance in the state of Illinois, which has 44.8 MBs average speed and is ranked the 17th most connected state in this region , there are 335 Internet Service Providers. The top five cities in Illinois with greatest download speed are: River Forest (72.2 MBPs), Ingleside (71.9 MBPs), Mokena (70.1 MBPs), Highland Park (66.8 MBPs), Hazel Crust (65.8 MBPs).  Adding to it the top five ISPs according to business expansion and services altogether, in this state are: XFINITY (55.4 MBPs), Everywhere Wireless (49.4 MBPs), E-Vergent Wireless (23.0 MBPs), AT&T Internet (16.8 MBPs) and Rise Broadband (4.8 MBPs).

Likewise, the 27th most connected state in the country is Minnesota of the Midwestern Region, with an average download speed of 36.6 MBPs. In this state as well XFINITY is the on the top in the list of ISPs with an average speed of 53.0 MBPs. Apart from this there are: Charter Spectrum (37.6 MBPs), Century Link (15.3 MBPs), Nextera Communications (9.2 MBPs) and TDS Telecom (7.0 MBPs). In the state of Minnesota almost 89.4% of the population has access to wire broadband of 25MBPs or faster. The top five cities in this state with an excellent internet connection and potential for profitable business are: Inver Grove Heights (66.8 MBPs), Hopkins (55.6 MBPs), Cottage Grove (53.8 MBPs), Eden Prairie (53.7 MBPs) and Minnetonka (53.0 MBPs).

In this region, the state with the third highest average Internet Speed (32.7 MBPs) is Indiana. Altogether there are 227 Internet Service Providers in the state, with XFINITY from Comcast still on the top providing a download speed of 40.4 MBPs. Moreover, almost 86% of the entire population of the state is served with a broadband coverage. The top five cities of the state of Indiana which enjoy the top most Internet download speed are: Centerville (65.9 MBPs), Thorntown (58.7 MBPs), Pendleton (58.6 MBPs), Zionsville (57.2 MBPs), and Chesterton (56.2 MBPs). In Indiana the average download speed of Internet after XFINITY is provided by Frontier Communications of 15.4 MBPs which shows a very significant difference in the connection speeds by the two ISPs.

Lastly, one of the most significant state of the country also falls in the Midwestern region by the name Ohio. It is the 16th most connected state in the country after Illinois. Surprisingly, the ISP with the greatest sale in this state is not XFINITY but WOW! with an average download speed of 34.0 MBPs. However there are some cities in this state which enjoy a top speed beyond 50 MBPs as well naming Martins Ferry (69.3 MBPs) and Carrollton (63.7 MBPs).

So, which one is the best business ISP in the Midwestern United States?

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At the end of the day you need services from the provider which offers fast speed at reasonable rates and flexible packages. Generally, you have to compromise on one to get the other according to your desire. Among the major internet providers in this region US, we suggest Comcast XFINITY.

The major drawback of Comcast XFINITY is that they require a two year commitment when it comes to contract. They charge 75% of your remaining balance in the event of early cancellation and don’t facilitate you with monthly contracts.

Key Takeaway:

When it comes to choose the the right broadband service, make sure you go for a providers who provides an excellent connection with good speed and better coverage in your area.

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