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2018’s Best Business ISPs in the Northwest United States

The Northwest region of the USA includes the state of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. It is home to over 14.2 million citizens and some of the fastest-growing cities are present in this region. Communication is the main factor for the growth of an area and the Internet is the fastest way of communication hence playing an efficient role in development.

A Brief Overview of ISPs in the Northwest United States

Internet service providers (ISPs) play a vital role in providing internet connection throughout the region. Choice of the right ISP matters a lot to anyone using the internet, but it is most important for small businesses and startups, because a slow and insecure connection may cost you your whole business. So, ideally, you should research the available options thoroughly before buying one. Local online portals like usave can really help you find the best deals.

There are several providers present in the whole of the states; let’s see which one works best in which specific area.

Oregon is the 25th most connected state in the USA with 34.7 Mbps average state-wide speed. There are 242 internet providers in Oregon from which the top 5 are XFINITY from Comcast (45.8 Mbps), Century link (19.9 Mbps), Frontier Communication (19.1 Mbps), Easystreet Online (16.9 Mbps) and Freewire Broadband (14.7 Mbps). 90% of the state has the broadband coverage along with 90.3% having speed 25 Mbps or greater. The top 5 cities with fastest connections in this state are Newberg (56.3 Mbps) with 20 providers, Wilsonville (55.6 Mbps) with 20 providers, Troutdale (54.0 Mbps) with 18 providers, Tualatin (53.2 Mbps) with 22 providers and Saint Helens (48.9 Mbps) with 14 providers.

Washington is the 14th most connected state in the region with 231 providers and average speed of 37.6 Mbps state-wide. The top provider is XFINITY (46.3 Mbps) along with CenturyLink (25.5 Mbps), Charter Spectrum (24.3 Mbps), Frontier Communications (20.2 Mbps) and Startouch (10.7 Mbps) in the line. The top 5 cities in this city with the fastest connection are Blaine (74.8 Mbps) with 11 providers, Edmonds (68.2 Mbps) with 17 providers, Mukilteo (62.2 Mbps) with 14 providers, Bainbridge Island (60.6 Mbps) with 12 providers and Bremerton (57.4 Mbps) with 21 providers.

Idaho, the 37th most connected state with average speed of 19.5 Mbps with 145 internet service providers. The top most provider is Cable ONE (32.7 Mbps) with CenturyLink (11.1 Mbps), Rise Broadband (4.2 Mbps), SafeLink Internet (3.2 Mbps) and SpeedyQuick Networks (3.1 Mbps) in the list of top providers. 82% of the have access to broadband coverage while 99.4% of the state have access to mobile broadband service and 93.1% have access to fixed wireless service. 82.3% Idahoans have access to speed of 25 Mbps or more, 69.8% have access to speed of 100 Mbps or more while 60.8% have access to 1 gigabyte speed. The top 5 cities with fastest communication includes Ketchum (37.0 Mbps) with 12 providers, Moscow (34.1 Mbps) with 14 providers, Eagle (33.5 Mbps) with 20 providers, Coeur D Alene (31.1 Mbps) with 20 providers and Kuna (30.4 Mbps) with 17 providers.

Lastly Wyoming is the 46th most connected state with an average speed of 14.9 Mbps state wide. Among the 91 internet service providers Charter Spectrum (16.5 Mbps) is the top provider followed by Vistabeam (9.6 Mbps), CenturyLink (8.1 Mbps), (3.9 Mbps) and Rise broadband (3.8 Mbps). 75% of the Wyomingites have access to broadband coverage along with 99.2% having access to mobile broadband service and 87.5% having access to fixed wireless service. 76.6% Wyomingites have access to speed of 25 Mbps or more while 67.4% having access to speed of 100 Mbps or more and only 5.5% having access to 1 gigabyte. Among many cities, Thayne (71.2 Mbps) with 7 providers, Evanston (34.4 Mbps) with 11 providers, Jackson (26.7 Mbps) with 15 providers, Buffalo (24.1 Mbps) with 10 providers and Cody (20.3 Mbps) with 11 providers are the top cities with fastest communication service.

So, which is the best business internet service provider in the Northwestern USA?

After all the look around the hood, we often come to choose the internet providers which provide us best packages at flexible rates compared to others. In that case, Comcast XFINITY is the best internet service provider in the Northwestern United States because it not only provides us with high-speed internet connection but also has good coverage in the area. However, the drawbacks are that they require two-year commitment with charging 75% of your remaining balance with early cancellation and hence they don`t offer month-to-month contracts.

The Bottom Line

Depending upon the location of your business operations, there may be more than one suitable options. Though we recommend XFINITY as best business ISP in the North West United States, you must do your own research.

So, take your time to compare and analyze all the options, and, yes, do consider these points before buying a broadband connection. Moreover, you may also consider using mobile broadband in some cases.

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