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2018’s Best Business ISPs in the Southeast United States

The multicultural Southeast Region of USA covers the following states; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, Maryland. Built on the major metropolis corridor, the southeast is rapidly growing in economy and business to rival with the North-east.

The Southeast has the most rapid development in the business, tourism and technology sector in the last few years, although it has the reputation of having a notoriously slow economy. However, it still has a long road to cover, which leaves a lot of room for small start-ups to grow and prosper in this region.

The first thing entrepreneurs do, after setting up a desk and chair in their office, is to look for the best internet service to be installed. It is a common mistake to choose a wrong Internet Service provider, due to the rush of setting in the office. To avoid this, you should research beforehand the best ISPs and compare their plans, services, prices and contracts. You must conduct a thorough research even when buying a mobile broadband.

A review of the broadband statistics and ISPs in the south-eastern region tells us that not all Internet service providers are the same. The effectiveness of each ISP varies from state to state. Moreover, the broadband speed also varies. For example, the percentages of people having access to broadband 100mbps or faster, in Florida, Virginia, Alabama and Tennessee is 93.1%, 88.7%, 67.6% and 87.1% respectively.

Individually too, the speeds of internet in the cities of these states vary. In total there are 188 internet providers in Florida. The top 5 fastest cities Florida are; North Miami Beach (134.1 MBPS), Delray Beach (59.9 MBPS), Miami Beach (58.4 MBPS), Sun City Centre (58.4 MBPS), North Port (55.4 MBPS). The ISP with highest average download speed in this state is XFINITY from Comcast, with speed of 34.3 MBPS.

The top 5 cities with fastest internet in Virginia are; Bristow (198.0 MBPS), Manassas (110.8 MBPS), Gainesville (104.4 MBPS), Bealeton (84.3 MBPS), Ms Lean (84.1 MBPS), with a total of 178 broadband services. The ISP with highest average download speed in this state is Verizon FiOS, with download speed of 62.6 MBPS.

Alabama has a total of 146 internet providers. The top 5 cities with fastest internet in this state are; Brewton (48.9 MBPS), Helena (48.0 MBPS), Calera (47.6 MBPS), Meridian Ville (46.2 MBPS), Tallassee (45.4 MBPS). The ISP with highest average download speed here is WOW! with download speed of 28.2 MBPS.

In Tennessee, there are a total of 167 ISPs, with varying internet speeds. The best internet provider, with highest download speed is EPB, with average speed of 46.6 MBPS. The top 5 cities here with fastest internet are; Signal Mountain (72.6 MBPS), Hixson (67.8 MBPS), Brentwood (62.4 MBPS), Soddy Daisy (61.1 MBPS), Franklin (51.2 MBPS).

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It ca be clearly seen from the aforementioned statistics that internet services vary in each state, and each city. The best ISP in one state may not be the best in another. Moreover, the same ISP has varying speeds in different cities. However, it would be safe to say that the title best Internet service provider in the South-Eastern Region of US is a tie between Verizon FiOS, and XFINITY by Comcast, as both of them maintains their services in various states and are both a major competitors in the world of ISPs. They provides a good internet speed for significantly costs and low cancellation fees.

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