2018’s Best Business ISPs In the Southwestern USA

The more down you go the warmer it gets and dryness subsequently starts to take control in the area. This defines the southwest region of USA which consists of states such as Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The Southwest has seen massive growth in recent years and to achieve growth scale of such kind and efficient mode of communication is a must need.

Internet is one of the fastest ways of communication in an area and Internet service providers (ISPs) are responsible for providing sufficiently fast internet with flexible packages. Among the states in the south-western region, Nevada is the 19th is most connected state with an average speed of 27.8 Mbps state wide. Among the 127 internet providers Charter Spectrum (33.9 Mbps) is on the top followed by Cox Communication (31.9 Mbps), CenturyLink (18.9 Mbps), AT&T Internet (17.5 Mbps) and Rise Broadband (7.6 Mbps) next on the line. Surprisingly, 100% of the Nevadans have access to the mobile broadband service while 92% have broadband coverage and 97.4% have access to fixed wireless service. The top cities with fastest connection in this are Incline Village (53.8 Mbps) with 13 providers, Gardnerville (39.7 Mbps) with 17 providers, Minden (36.4 Mbps) with 14 providers, Sun Valley (35.0 Mbps) and Boulder City (34.9 Mbps) with providers.

Likewise, with an average speed of 30.9 Mbps, Utah is connected most than any other states in this region holding an 11th position. XFINITY from Comcast (39.4 Mbps) is one of the top providers in this state followed by Connext (20.5 Mbps), CenturyLink (15.4 Mbps), Utah Broadband (9.2 Mbps) and Rise Broadband (6.3 Mbps). Among the top cities Park city (67.6 Mbps) is the top city that has the fastest speed among all the cities while the rest of the cities are Draper (66.4 Mbps), American Fork (46.7 Mbps), Midvale (46.2 Mbps) and Clearfield (44.6 Mbps).

Arizona, another developed state in this region has an average speed of 26.2 Mbps state wide. The top cities that have fastest connection in this state are Scottsdale (50.5 Mbps) and Sun City West (46.7 Mbps). From all the cities in this state the top speed providers are XFINITY (34.5 Mbps).Next in line is, WOW they got on top the second time and Cox Communication has maintained in providing a 31.1 Mbps. While 98.9% of the state has access to mobile broadband service, 90.5% have an access to fixed wireless service. But never the less from this state, it has broadband coverage of almost 87%!

Lastly, the well-known state New Mexico is the 43rd most connected state. In this state as well we observe that XFINITY (28.4 Mbps) is the top provider next to which are Cable One (24.2 Mbps) and CenturyLink (8.7 Mbps). While 99.6% New Mexicans have access to mobile broadband service and 83.5% have access to fixed wireless network, about 80% of the state has an access to the broadband service. Top cities with the fastest connection in this state are Clovis (51.5 Mbps), Corrales (38.0 Mbps), Portales (35.3 Mbps), Las Cruces (33.0 Mbps), which has the most ISPs (16 providers) and Placitas (31.6 Mbps).

With a search for best Internet Service Provider which provides a fast connection with a quietly reasonable rate we would recommend Charter Spectrum as the best ISP for business in Southwest. The only downside of this provider is that some businesses have reported less than positive customer support experience but on the contrary they have month to month plans available along with no early cancelation fee and no contract length.