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21 Conversation Ideas to Engage Customers & Prospects on Twitter

Satisfied customers who help you with word of mouth and attracting more prospects is the common goal of all small businesses. Twitter can play as one of the most effective platform for engaging existing customers and new prospects.  And to do so, you have to invest time and effort in “Real Conversations”.

The real conversations on Twitter help a small business to:

  • Grow the targeted audience faster.
  • Make new connections and turn them into customers.
  • Increase the brand awareness.
  • Increase the brand influence.
  • Build customers’ trust.
twitter conversation ideas

Remember, that it’s only a “Real Conversation” on Twitter that can help you”

  • Know your audience better.
  • Share information in the right direction.
  • Promote your business to the right and targeted people only.

So, the real conversation is the winning strategy, but starting and conducting real conversations require you to do some homework before going live. Otherwise, unplanned and improper real conversations may backfire.

twitter ideas

Here I am going to share some ideas on starting and conducting real conversations on Twitter, so you can plan accordingly.

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1- Answer (@reply) any general question in your Twitter feed

2- Is there a blog post in your twitter feed? Skim through the link, RT the tweet and tweet your opinion.

3- Answer an industry specific question as an expert.

4- Agree or disagree with a tweet using (@reply).

5- Tweet the latest article on your blog.

6- Tweet the latest promotions and ask who has already availed.

7- Say ‘thank you’ to people who have complemented you.

8- Say ‘thank you’ to a complement and ‘favor’ the tweet and follow that account.

9- Say ‘thank you’ to a complement and add that person to a Twitter list.

10- Say ‘thank you’ to a complement ask them if they have tried your product/service or would like to try sample.

11- Say ‘thank you’ to a complement and wish them a happy Monday, Tuesday, Christmas etc.

12- Welcome the people who have thanked you for anything.

13- Apologize for the inconvenience if anyone had with your business in anyway.

14- Relate what’s trending to you and/or your business.

15- Ask an industry related question.

16- Ask a question about an event.

17- Ask a question about problem that your product/service can solve.

18- Tweet related business quotes.

19- Tweet a customer’s feedback with a thanking note.

20- Start a debate by putting two options in a tweet, i.e. best and worst of XXX.

21- Tweet relevant articles from leading websites, i.e. if you sell makeup, share an article that discusses how to shape up eyebrows.

twitter facts 1

If you find any of the above ideas worth considering, do include them in your Twitter Conversation Strategy and I am sure, it should help you improving your Twitter conversations.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.